March Update

Hi friends!

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the first signs of Spring! I’m still trying to process the fact that it is already March! It’s been a full few months and I am excited to share an update with you.

Church update

After meeting online for a few months, our church was able to start meeting together again in January. It became evident that many people were hurting and suffering, and just in the time when we were sensing the overwhelming need for the church to meet again, the Lord opened the way for us to do so. Thank God!!

Hungary again put more restrictions in place. These started on Monday, mainly closing schools for a month-long period and “non-essential” shops and services for a two-week period. Personally, my day to day work and ministry hasn’t been greatly affected by this. I am grateful!

featuring our current church building 

God at work

Some of you may remember Gitta, a young Hungarian girl I’ve mentioned in the past. She had a conversion experience two years ago, but shortly afterward started walking down a difficult path. Earlier this fall she began turning back to the Lord and decided to walk a different way. She reached out to me a couple months ago and we have been trying to meet weekly since, looking at passages in scripture and having conversations about the Lord. She longs to walk God’s way and is very hungry for spiritual things. Please pray for Gitta that she will grow in her faith, closer to God. 

Exciting news!

Another piece of exciting news: I’m moving! In the past few months I came to the decision that I needed to try moving to a fresh living space for the sake of my health. I started looking for a new apartment together with one of my Hungarian friends, who was also beginning to consider moving. Last week we finally viewed a place that seemed like a considerable option… we signed the rental papers yesterday and move this weekend! My favorite aspect about the new flat? It’s in a lovely neighborhood (not an apartment block) and has a terrace and personal little yard where there is potential to try our hand at a little garden! After living in an apartment building with no balcony or yard access for three years… let’s just say I’m excited! 


  • Thank God for His care for our church!
  • Thank God for His unfailing pursuit of Gitta and how He is drawing her to Himself. Pray for Gitta that she will grow in her faith and become deeply rooted in the truth of God’s word. 
  • Pray for growth of the women in our Monday night girl’s bible study and others I meet with. 
  • Thank God for His provision of a new apartment. Pray that it will be a healthy space for my roommate and I to be able to further heal and not be compromised with our health. 
enjoying a sunny *almost* spring walk by a local lake

Friends, the Lord has filled my heart with great joy in this season and I want to attest to His goodness! Words from Psalm 145 ring true: “The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made… The Lord is faithful in all his words and kind in all his works” (Psalm 145:9, 13b). 

I continue to remember you and thank God for you. I pray that He may strengthen you, that you may know Him better and stand firm in God’s truth. Are there any ways I can be praying for you individually? I’d love to hear from you, how you are doing and what you need prayer for!

Much love in Christ,