Looking Back on 2019

It’s hard to believe 2019 has already come and gone. Between all the ministry trips, CCBC & School of Worship classes, and the birth of Eden, the year really seemed to fly by. We are so blessed by all that God has done within the past year and are very excited to see what He has in store for 2020. 

Before we jump into our 2019 highlights, we want to let you know about some exciting new changes in our ministry’s administration.  

When we first started our “adventure” in missions, our sending church, Calvary Chapel West Grove, did not have the ability to receive our monthly support. Now they have a thriving mission sending ministry. Because of this, we will be switching from Saving Grace World Missions (SGWM) to our home church’s missions sending program.  

Please save our new email address (sarkarccwgmissions@gmail.com) and expect all future emails to come from there. Please also check out our new blog page at sarkarccwgmissions.weebly.com. There you can add your email address to our new update list and sign up to partner with us financially. 

** For our safety and the safety of all that work with us, please do not share these highlights on Social Media. People’s names and location names will not be mentioned as a precaution as well. **

2019 Highlights: 

  • We were blessed to have Tonielle’s parents come to visit us at the beginning of the year. Her mom was able to come out for a few weeks right after Eden was born and her dad came for a week as well. It was great to have them with us again and a huge help while adjusting to being parents of two! We even had a chance to squeeze in a trip to Pokhara (8 hour drive west from Kathmandu). 
  • Despite the anti-conversion law in Nepal, God’s spirit is moving and people are still coming to a saving knowledge of Him! The congregation of CC KTM is growing and more of our new believers are wanting to be baptized. In addition to the CC KTM congregation, we were privileged to baptize three people from our newest church plant in Midwest Nepal. 
  • Salvation was able to record their first official music video! It is Pankaj and the Salvation leadership’s desire to have more materials available to people online. This video is one of the first steps to doing that. We are praying for a nice camera to use for future recordings and projects. 
  • After 7-years of praying, God opened the door for classes to finally begin for the School of Worship. Classes began in August and we have 14 students. Twelve out of the fourteen live in the Kathmandu Valley and commute on a daily basis. Two of them are from out of the Valley and stay on campus with the CCBC students. Classes are back in session after our winter break and we are excited to get back with everyone soon. Please continue to pray for this brand new work and for all the needs we have with starting a new ministry. 
  • Toward the beginning of the year, the CCBC students and staff went to a village in the midwest. They were able to do outdoor evangelism with dances, skits, and special testimonies all followed by the Good News message. They were also invited to a special community club up the mountain to share. 
  • A team from America came and we were able to go to one of the local slums and visit the leprosy colony. It was great to be able to bring all the CCBC and School of Worship students to this as well. The team hosted a VBS for the children and were able to go hut to hut distributing mosquito nets and sharing the Good News with everyone they met. 

Please pray for all of the seeds that have been sown through these outreaches. 

  • Our good friend and ministry partner came in the middle of the year and was able to travel to West Nepal and host a pastor and leaders training conference. It was a 4-day conference and the classes included Inductive Bible Study, How to Identify a Cult, and the Biblical Perspective of Worship. It was a great privilege to have the leaders and their wives come. There were over 90 people who came! We hope to turn this into a 2-year training program where we meet 3 times a year for one-week training. We hope that we would be able to cover 12 subjects in the course of the 2 years. Please join us in praying for God to provide visiting teachers and materials needed for this program. 
  • On November 22nd, CCBC Nepal had its 5th Graduation ceremony! We are privileged to be able to train up these young men and women from all parts of Nepal. Most of the past graduates from CCBC Nepal have remained in ministry at their home churches or have started new works in the area. We had 3 graduates this year and we know and trust that God will use mightily for His Kingdom. 
  • CC KTM hosted our 2nd annual Christmas Market on December 1st. This event is designed to not only help local businesses and business owners but also to be an outreach to the community. Multiple churches were involved and we had a good mixture of Christians and non-Christians that attended. Throughout the evening, we saw around 500 people come to our campus to shop, eat, and fellowship with each other. This is a great time for people to get together to hang out and there were also many opportunities for the Good News to be shared one-on-one with others who came to the event. We hope that God will allow us to continue doing this event on a yearly basis. 

There were many other things that happened over the past year but these are just a few of our highlights! 

Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and financial support for our ministries and our family. We know that none of these things would have been possible without God and without your prayers and support. 

We look forward to updating you on all that happened on our trip to America after we return to Nepal in March! Keep an eye out for our next newsletter (from a new email address) next month!! 

We love you and hope you had a blessed Christmas and have a very good 2020! 

In Him, 

The Sarkar Family