June 2021

Hey everyone! Lots has been happening here in Oaxaca, so here’s a little update. Ministry has really started to pick up and the church has been growing in so many ways. We have some new families who have started to attend and who are already such a blessing to the church family. And the Navigators classes have continued to be a blessing to many, and seeing the spiritual growth has been amazing.

In March we visited Cacalote, where we attended Spanish school in 2017. We were able to visit the school and many of our friends there!

We have had some fun celebrations in the church too. Día de los niños is a very big day here in Mexico so the children’s ministry team put on a great even for the kiddos of the church and some of their friends. We also had fun celebrations for Easter and Mother’s Day. I’ve added some pictures from those days!

Jon was able to go to Rosarito and share at Calvary Rosarito for the Monday morning staff meeting, the church planting course that we went through, and teach on a Wednesday night while there. Such a blessing for him to have the honor to do that. While he was up that way he was also able to visit Calvary San Juan, and see our son and daughter in law, and other family.

I have started the women’s bible study and we are studying the book of James together. The ladies also had a fun night of fellowship and bowling, which was a first for many of them. The Lord is really teaching me how to be diligent with studying (I am a work in progress) and I am learning so much as I study and prepare. Never in my life would I have thought I would enjoy teaching or speaking in front of people. These women have become one of the biggest blessings in my life because we all share our hearts with each other and I just love them all.

We have a LOT of things coming up over the next few months, with some teams coming and doing some conferences for the church and community. Jon is trying to go to the men’s rehab as much as possible also, but the man who was translating for him is no longer there. He has a couple of guys who will be going with him and teaching the men too.

It’s such a blessing to be able to be here in Oaxaca, and we are really enjoying ministry. Jonny and Noah are finishing up some last days of school and will be starting 9th grade in the fall. They are still taking music classes and really enjoying them.


  • We will be starting a youth group this month. Our friend Miguel will be leading this group and he really has a heart for the youth!
  • Jon is doing well teaching each week and just restarted the Wednesday night services. He really does well balancing studying and preparing, along with “life”.
  • The women’s ministry has restarted and is a huge blessing.


  • Please pray for continued growth in the walks with the Lord within the church, and for unity within the church.
  • We need to decide what to do with our car once the visa expires in February. We are praying about somehow buying a bigger vehicle for when teams come so they don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on rentals.
  • Please keep the youth group in your prayers. That the youth will learn and grow in their relationships with the Lord.
  • Please pray for each ministry in the church. There are some amazing people who serve week in and week out, and who are such a blessing.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support, and the encouragement you all are to our family!!! We love you all.

Jon, Allison, Jonny, and Noah