June 2021

“In pointing out these things to the brethren, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, constantly nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound doctrine which you have been following.”  1 Timothy 4:6

Sadly Uganda has been hit hard with the second wave of the Corona Virus, and we have entered another strict lockdown.  The past 16 months of confusion, pain, despondency and frustration have been the same for everyone around the world.  Our team has felt the negative effects of this lockdown in that our Discipleship School has to be closed down, the arrival of our new teammate, David Buescher who is the brother of Luke Buescher, has been delayed and the team that was coming out with him has been canceled.  It has also all but stopped our work visa renewal process which puts us in a precarious position.  We are thankful however, that this time around most businesses have stayed open, and Uganda’s president hasn’t stopped any relief efforts.  Traditional church gatherings have also been banned.  Therefore, we have opened a small fellowship at our house and Luke has opened another at his.  We praise God for the work that He has been doing through them.  It is always great to see the way that God moves and people grow within intimate gatherings!

Fortunately, no matter the circumstance, God always opens doors for us to serve Him.  One of the major projects that we as a team have been working on during lock down is the development of our official curriculum.  Our goal is to have comprehensive guides for the interpretation of Scripture with Scripture through the entirety of God’s Word, synchronizing all future classes and greatly assisting in the process of accreditation.  While my teammates work in other sections, I have the weighty privilege of preparing teachers’ guides through the book of Genesis.  In light of how Jesus taught His disciples about Himself through the whole Bible, we continually ask the questions: what does this teach me about Jesus?  How did Jesus fulfill this in His first coming and/or how will He bring this thought to its conclusion in His second coming?  (Luke 24:27, Col 2:16-17, Heb 10:1).  I can’t imagine a better job!

We continue marching on the family front.  Noelle diligently homeschools the kids who love their life of learning and playing with their friends on the farm.  Apio continues to develop in spite of her past, but she has had to endure a lot of pain this month.  Due to her previous lack of oral hygiene, we have had to extract two of her teeth, do two root canals and give her four fillings.  Another exciting family development is that God has provided the means for us to convert our back porch into a guest room, allowing us to house visitors despite our growing family!   

Join us in praising God that:

  • He is using our home fellowships
  • He is giving us wisdom to write the teachers guides
  • He continues providing for our family

Please join with us in prayer:

  • For all of the people suffering from the virus and the government restrictions
  • For our visas to be processed soon
  • For Noelle and Apio who both have a skin parasite called scabies
  • For people to understand and accept the Gospel here in our region 

In Christ,

Matt, Noelle, Apio, Emma, Madeline, Noah & Charlotte