In God’s Will

These last few months have been crazy, God has led me through many highs and I’ve given way to many lows also; thankfully Christ is my identity and He has been delivering me to sanctification daily. During the recent trying times, God has shown me that the daily pursuit of Christ will yield good fruit that can only be grown and harvested in God’s own season. This fruit has revealed itself in many ways, and hopefully this blog will help you see how being in God’s will and pursuing His commission has shown me that.

Over the last few months COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the world as we know it, thankfully God provides us a safe-haven where we can rely upon Him in any season. I was required to leave Calvary Bible Institute in March due to the limit in California of no more than 10 people in a building at once. During my period away from CBI, I returned to my home in Las Vegas where I had time to pursue God in the Word more than ever. This was a very quiet time for many of us as we were in almost constant spiritual warfare against the enemy as we continuously defended our life found in Christ through prayer. When the limit on congregations was lifted in California, I returned to CBI. It was a very strange month as my first semester came to a close, and the second semester students graduated, leaving only a few of us first semester students remaining. During the final month at CBI God called me to attend CSOM, and praise be to God, I got accepted. 

During our time at CSOM God has provided many opportunities to allow Christ to minister to those around us. On Tuesday God brought us to people who had their houses burned down in a fire, and Christ ministered to them through us by means of encouragement and the good news which His blood spoke through testimony by His Son. God also provided us with the opportunity to attend a Calvary Chapel here in Rosarito, Mexico. Through this we were greatly encouraged to continue the work which Christ had put us into. On Thursday, we were brought by God to another local Calvary Chapel in La Gloria, where we were presented with the blessing of building a stage for the church where many amazing messages, by God’s amazing will, shall be taught and ministered to others. Friday was another amazing day where we had the opportunity to serve families at Home X and share the good news with the families that attended. God is doing a mighty work in Mexico and the world. Walking according to His will is a blessing that I wouldn’t give up for the world. He is doing an amazing thing even through the hard times that we’ve received, and I’m excited to continue seeing the work He does in and through the CSOM team.

I’m so excited to see the work God continues to do in my life as He continues to lay the call to missions on my heart daily. As I continue on this path in His will, I want to invite everybody reading this to join me on the amazing journey by reading my newsletter every week and join me in prayer for the work that God is doing in Mexico and around the world.

God be Praised! Hallelujah!

Joshua Knight

Praise Reports

  • God has been showing me more of my identity in Him
  • God is bringing me into His light more and more daily
  • God is continuing His sanctifying work in and through my life
  • God is changing hearts and minds in Mexico and around the world

Prayer Requests

  • God will continue to work in the team to keep us united amidst spiritual warfare in Mexico
  • God will break strongholds in South Asia and continue to do groundbreaking work in the darkest areas of the world

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