He Told Me Why He Killed His Baby!

Praying at Planned Parenthood. There’s a Horizon Pregnancy Center Ad right in front of the location!

“No that’s okay, I don’t need more information.” The young man I was talking to was sitting in his nice, new car at a Planned Parenthood. I had gone with some brothers to go and share the gospel and the truth about abortion at this location. We spent time praying on the sidewalk and giving people gospel centered pro-life handouts. I went up to his rolled down window and asked him if I could give him some information which he declined. “I know what you guys are out here doing,” He continued, “I appreciate it. I respect it. But I don’t need it, I already follow Jesus.” I asked him, “What are you doing here?” He said something so chilling to me that I will never forget. “I’m 23, I have a job. I already have three children, I don’t need another one.”

“Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools”


I held that man to his claim to know Jesus. I said that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and because He is, that he should listen to what Jesus has to say about abortion. He got angry with me and very shortly was cursing at me and telling me to leave. I tried to offer him the gospel tract again and he refused. I said one more thing and went back to the sidewalk. 

The Gospel tract we give to those we interact with at Planned Parenthood (from Living Waters)

This story happened over a year ago, but I share it with you because it captures so well the evil behind abortion. Here, a young man about the same age as me was overseeing and supporting the murder of his next child simply because he doesn’t “need another one.” The child wasn’t someone to be cared for. The child wasn’t someone to be loved. The child would get in the way of life, so the child couldn’t live. 

“Speaking the truth of God for His purposes is simply our duty. It is not extra-credit Christianity; it is basic Christianity. Actually, it is simply Christianity”


Recently, God has put it on my heart to share the love and truth of Jesus at Planned Parenthood on a more frequent basis. For the past month, there has been a group of us going to the clinic seven minutes away from Calvary Chapel WestGrove. The heart of the ministry is found in Proverbs 24:11, “Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.” Brothers and sisters, it is our command as followers of Jesus to preach the gospel to every creature, and that includes those who are on their way into a place to murder their babies. Paul commanded Timothy to pray for all men (1 Timothy 2) and that would certainly include those going to places like Planned Parenthood. Whether you are a part of preaching the gospel to those in crisis pregnancies or you are simply praying, you are in a war for the souls of men- keep fighting.

Praying and preaching together at the location.

Why are we able to be salt and light at that Planned Parenthood at all? It is because there is a gospel preaching, Bible-centered Church seven minutes down the road. But what about places that don’t have Churches? Can you imagine areas, societies, and whole countries that have no Churches or Christians to preach the eternal gospel of salvation-which is the only thing that can truly transform a society? These areas exist. If you’ve been with me at all for the past couple years, you know that the Lord has burdened my heart greatly to be a part of Church planting in areas that desperately need the gospel. 

Church Planting Class

This is why in this season, the Lord has lead me to be a part of leading a Church planting class at Calvary WestGrove. We do bible classes together and also grow in our study, knowledge, and teaching of the Word of God. I am also blessed to be a student, continually growing in the gift of teaching that the Lord has given me. One other thing I have been a part of is our “Essentials” class. This is a class for new believers or anyone who wants to be reminded of the essentials of the Christian faith. I have been assisting in leading that class and it has been a sweet time of being reminded of the basic truths that we never graduate from. 

Essentials Class

Please be praying for these three new areas of ministry I’m currently involved with: Planned Parenthood outreaches, Church Planting Class, and Essentials class. In cross-cultural missions there are also many doors the Lord is opening for this year, the next of which is going with a team of 21 people to a country in South Asia on March 24-April 7th. I am very excited to return to this country. A big part of that trip will be a youth conference where we are expecting at least 300 youth from the east! God willing, I will be able to update you on how the churches are doing there when I return. Thank you for taking time to read this update, all that you read here happens because of your continual support in the gospel! May the Lord encourage you and continually fill you with His Spirit to speak His truth to those around you. 

For His Eternal Kingdom, 

Adam Fulmizi

Praise Reports/Prayer Requests

  • Praise Reports
    • God continually growing me in the knowledge of his Word and ministry experience
    • Many souls hearing the gospel through outreaches and many disciples being made through Church 
    • The many open doors to preach the gospel and encourage long term churches all over world
  • Prayer Requests
    • For those we have or will interact with at Planned Parenthood: that they would have soft hearts to hear the gospel truth. As well as laborers for preaching the gospel and praying for our essentials and Church planting classes to be fruitful and rooted in the Word of God. 
    • For our trip to South Asia: Open Hearts, Salvation, and that we would encourage the Churches there. (I have a prayer guide with more specifics if you would like it, just reach out to me and ask!) 
    • Wisdom, perseverance, and direction for my life

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Team going to South Asia getting prayed out by the Church!