For the Joy

“… let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” 

Hebrews 12:1b-2

Hello, family!

I made it to Mexico for the Calvary School of Missions! It’s so encouraging to see God still at work during times of such uncertainty. I’m excited to share what the Lord has been doing this week, and I hope you are encouraged as well. Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!

Pastor Trent Douglass is teaching us so much in class– we are opening the Word of God and finding the call to missions on every single page! From Genesis to Revelation, we see that the heart of God is to reach every nation, tribe, and tongue with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Worship and Intercession for the nations

It is so clear that the very heart of God is to reach man with redemption. Just look at Jesus; He left His heavenly throne to become one of us and die to give us eternal life. Now, when I say, “I want to look more like Jesus” I am usually talking about His compassion or patience… but wasn’t His entire mission, His very sustenance (John 4:34), to reach the world with the gospel, no matter the cost? 

The Lord is nudging me to face this reality as I see the need in the areas of Mexico we are doing ministry in. This past weekend we visited a community called Home X. There is a brand new church there that is just beginning to take root and our team came alongside the pastor to put on their first gathering since the COVID-19 closures; a family picnic with worship, fellowship and fun activities for the kids.

My friend Maribel and I teaching the kids the story of Jonás (Jonah).

It took a long time to get there. Most of the route was a bumpy dirt road. Not the most comfortable of rides. It was hot. Not to mention they spoke a different language than me! These, and a billion other little things, made the outreach difficult for me, but I could hear the Lord speaking to my heart, “People remain unreached by My gospel because man finds them difficult to reach, but take courage, the harvest is ripe.” 

Many of the kids, and a few of their parents, gave their lives to the Lord that day! I praise His name for His grace that brought each and every one of those souls to that picnic to get the chance to respond to the gospel. Better yet, we were able to direct these families to the Home X church plant so they could go on to be discipled in their relationship with God, and equipped to reach their community. Precious souls were won to the kingdom of God. Suddenly the cost did not seem so great. 

Some of the kids eating lunch!

Jesus went way out of His way to bring us eternal life. His tears in Gethsemane tell me that it was noteasy. But He still came. He came because He knew of the joy that was set before Him; the joy to which the “light afflictions” He endured were not worthy to be compared. May we do the same. We know of the joy of eternal life, and we have such an opportunity to leverage our lives to make this gospel known among the people on this earth who are forgotten! Isn’t that what He did for us, after all?

I wake up every morning so grateful to be here, and I am deeply thankful and encouraged through your prayers and partnership. Thank you so much! I pray that the Lord would cause you to abound in love and grace, and allow your life to echo the mercy you’ve been shown!

Prayer Requests:

  • That the Lord will continue to give the leaders wisdom and discernment to navigate the school during these uncertain times
  • That the Lord will give each of us students vision for a specific country or calling while we seek His face and guidance. 
  • That God will unify our group by His Spirit and continue to knit us together as one body. 
In Christ,
Rachel Martinez