First Decade

“I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:12-13

How can I sum up my first 10 years in Uganda? I came to Midigo as a young single woman excited for a Jesus adventure! Never could I have imagined all the blessings, trials and growing that awaited me! I never wanted to be a pastor’s wife, give birth to children (because of pain), I hated needles and had never gone without before. God had to humble me completely, to almost nothing, teaching me lessons the hard way because I’m so stubborn. I started in a grass house that was smaller than most closets in America. No power, water, internet and a few nights no food. So many lessons in that alone! God taught me through His Word and through my husband that nothing that we own is ours! Everything belongs to God and if it’s not used to bless others, then we better not have it at all. Ten years later, God has provided a compound where we can house children, converts, and interns and feed everyone that shows up every day. Our vehicle is never empty and there is never lack of visitors.

We have had great loss but even greater blessings. We have been betrayed by those who say they love us. Through God we have freedom in love and forgiveness, seeing Jesus as the example. Knowing Judas would betray Him with a kiss, Jesus still loved and discipled him. I see in my family that we are grateful for every little thing, we know we do not deserve anything. Everything given to us is a blessing and gift from God. We know we rely on God for everything. When someone is hurt or sick, we turn to God first. I have learned to take thoughts and feelings captive, to submit to God and my husband, and to praise God for allowing this wretched woman serve Him. We do everything for Him and not man, for He alone should have all the Glory!

I have seen firsthand how God equips those He calls for every type of service, and the way He uses me has changed many times over these years. He has helped me see that all of us are equally important and equally cherished in His body. The beauty in prayer warriors and supporters makes me speechless. We see the gifts of the Spirit working and the need to rely on Him and His leading every moment, making sure to check everything according to His Word. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years have in store. I am sure it will be much more then I can ever imagine!

Finish Well

“My mouth shall tell of Your Righteousness And Your salvation all the day, For I do not know their limits. I will go in the strength of the Lord GOD; I will make mention of Your righteousness, of Yours Only.”

Psalm 71:15-16

This season has been the most fruitful year of our sports ministry! Calvary Football Club became the Champions of West Nile as a region and almost made it to the division 2 but lost in the penalty knockout. God has opened so many doors for His Word to go forth. On the radios and all throughout West Nile, the testimony and the glory of Christ has been talked about. Some say we are just from the village but all see that God is with us. God has united the whole of Midigo, Yumbe and even Arua! Muslims that used to want to persecute us, now wear our Calvary uniforms. Over 200 went in 2 cattle trucks driving over 6-7 hours to watch the game. We shared the gospel and prayed together. The Sub county president, the Area member of Parliament and the Federation of Uganda’s football association all came to cheer for us. Even in the loss we all looked to the Word, kept the testimony and found hope for the next season. Please continue to pray as the whole region’s attention is on Calvary. Vincent has been able to share on sports news for different radio stations. Pray that God’s Word continues to go forth and that hearts continue to be softened.

Prayer Requests:

Pray the Ebola outbreak in our neighboring country, the Congo, will be eradicated!!!

Please continue to pray for the church! Pray as God prepares me to share for our women’s conference. The theme is Galatians 6:9 “Let us not grow weary while doing good.”

Pray as we break ground preparing for the library, community center and then football pitch. That God would continue to go before us, lead us every step, and provide for what He wants us to do.

Praise Reports:

Homeschool has gone extra well this past month. Zachary and Ian have grown so much. Zachary has reached most of his goals for his IEP. The Lord is so good!

The ministry is growing and He continues to give us the strength we need, equipping us for His service.

Our intern, Jacob from CC West Grove is doing a great job with the youth!