Finally Settled!

Praise God, we are at a point now that we are covered financially, and no longer are in need of donations. We can’t express enough how grateful we are for your generosity, thoughtfulness, and prayers. This will be our last post, and we will cease receiving donations through Saving Grace World Missions by the end of July. We are also exceedingly grateful to them for the service and support that they gave us over the last few years. They demonstrated exemplary and exceptional love of Christ, honor, and sincere hearts of service, always responding very timely to our requests. Thank you!
At last, at just over 5 months after returning to Oregon we’re in a house where we can unpack. Jeff’s cousin, Kelly, has been extremely gracious to give us a break on the rent so that we can get caught up with all of the moving expenses, and getting established. His cousins have been some of the greatest practical blessings welcoming us back.
At the beginning of June, Corinne returned to her old job as an occupational therapist, working for the school district, and is loving it. She also sometimes continues to work at Applegate Christian Fellowship on the weekends.
What we can’t believe is that Sarai and Noemi just celebrated their 20th birthday. They bemoaned that they were no longer teenagers, but we comforted them by telling them that we would help them transition by calling them twenteen. They didn’t find it amusing.
Noemi is in California with Corinne’s mom, working two jobs, and planning on easing into college by starting with a couple of classes this Fall. She’s involved with Grandma’s church, Calvary Chapel South Bay, and has been plugging into their missions team. We keep telling her it’s not too late if she decided to come home to live with us.
We are thrilled to still have Sarai with us. She is growing in her walk with Jesus, and we are enjoying walking with her through new experiences. She’s great at coming up with really deep and challenging questions, and we often have conversations that can carry on for hours. She has been a tremendous help with the multiple moves we’ve made (4 total). She’s becoming quite independent, learning to use the bus system, and walking all over town. We are doing our best to keep her at home as long as possible, trying to persuade her of benefits of being an “only child”.
Again, thank you for your love, prayers, and selfless generosity. We always wish that there was some way that we could return the favor. The best that we could offer now is that if you ever happen to be journeying through Southern Oregon we keep a bed available for weary travelers. Just give us a heads up.
May our Father in heaven richly bless you,
With much love,
Jeff, Corinne, Sarai, & Noemi

…but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
2 Peter 3:18

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