February 2018

Hello dear family and friends,

Another month has passed, and so have many wonderful days of meeting with friends, encouraging and being encouraged, and planning our return to Uganda.

Every weekend has allowed for speaking engagements at different churches and small groups, and most week nights have been spent at the homes of friends or new acquaintances, sharing on a deeper level the things God has been and is doing in our lives. It has been a blessing to be welcomed into so many homes and gatherings, and not only to share, but to hear what God has been doing in our own home-town. We are not surprised to find that God has been working in so many ways back here, but we are continually amazed and brought to a place of worship because of it. Hearing of individuals being transformed, families stepping out in faith, small groups taking new directions, and churches healing and reawakening… Praise God for all He is doing here!

Sharing and teaching at a Married Couples small group from our church.

Despite a continuous string of sicknesses making its rounds through our family, we have had quite a few happy highlights. One highlight was Matt’s trip to visit our sending team, Saving Grace World Missions, in California. He spent a few days meeting with the staff and getting to know them, joining a few small groups, and even meeting a missionary family who lives just a few hours northwest of our future home in Gulu. He was greatly encouraged by his entire time there, especially by his host and our good friend, Tim. I was sad that the girls and I missed the trip, but we were very thankful for God’s provision of plane tickets for Matt.

Matt with our team at SGWM

Another highlight was reuniting with some of the guys from the men’s Bible study that met weekly in our home for more than 3 years, up until we left for Uganda last summer. Roughly 15 men sat around folding tables in the basement God has provided for our housing, ate our traditional Tuesday taco salad, and each shared the things God has been doing since we left. We were amazed to find that about 75% of the men from the study (including those who could not join our meal) were pursuing or actively participating in full-time ministry or cross-cultural missions. We prayed as a group, then sang several songs. It was late when we finally looked at the clock and stopped singing, but we had all been encouraged by the testimonies and worshipping together again.

Our most recent highlight was my visit to the doctors office where they did an ultrasound revealing that the newest member of our family is a precious baby boy! We are so excited to welcome little Noah Ezekiel into the world in just a few months! We still do not know whether he will be born here in America, or in Uganda, but we know that he is in God’s hands either way.


Baby Noah!

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for the return to Uganda. Several details still need to be worked out before we go, such as finances, baby related questions, and travel plans.
God has provided many wonderful financial partners for us, and we are slowly getting closer to our goal of $3,500/month. We thank God for every penny given into our care. Please pray for this aspect of the mission, as we are required to have a certain percent pledged monthly before we can return. If you feel lead of the Lord to partner with us in this way, please CLICK HERE to “Become a Financial Partner”.

Please also pray for wisdom for us as we continue to raise our girls, travel across the states, and encounter different opportunities to share with people the goodness of our Savior.

Thank you for your prayers, love, and gifts of support. We are praying for you all as well. May God give you His peace!

The Harris Family