Favor and Blessings

For many years, at Calvary Chapel Nairobi, women’s ministry was one of our biggest ministries. The men would have a Bible study but the attendance used to be sparse. This year, we have held Men’s Breakfast events once every two months, on Saturdays. We have had many men show up! Men both young and old. Single and married. Men have taken turns teaching the Word to the other men, singing worship together and praying for one another. These events have caused splendid friendship and fellowship among the men! Dave has also been inviting these men to our home once or twice a month to come over to have a meal together and discuss Christian Doctrine, living a godly life and such. This has been a terrific avenue for Dave to speak into the lives of these men and to disciple them. Please pray that this Ministry to men would continue to grow.

We hope to start Home fellowships among the homes of the people in our church soon. Please pray that God would give our Church leadership wisdom on this.

Our elder daughter, Bianca,  won the best solo dance in the junior category at Kenya Dance Competition earlier this year. This led her to gain some recognition and she was invited to attend Central School of Ballet, London’s Intensive Summer Dance training course. We were pleasantly surprised to receive such a golden opportunity but we did not know how this was going to be possible financially. As we live off a humble Missionary income. We knew there was no way we could afford to send her to London. But Dave’s parents offered to help to pay for the expenses for Bianca and Twinkle to go to London for 10 days, so she could participate in the Intensive dance program. So, earlier this month, Twinkle and Bianca were in London. The training was very intensive, as she trained from morning until evening. She says she learned a whole lot of new technique and skill. Twinkle also met up with some of her old school friends who had relocated to England. It was a sweet reunion with her friends. She also got to explore and see London and some parts of England that she had not visited before.

We have also had the pleasure of hosting yet another summer short-term team at our home. These were our friends from our sending church. We enjoyed a lovely time of fellowship with them.

The Fall semester at our Bible College resumes at the end of August. Even though we only have four students enrolled this semester, our teachers are committed to teaching them diligently. Please pray that it would be a fruitful semester of learning about God.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support for our family and ministry!

In Christ,

David Zavala