Family In Spirit – Aniku Family Update April 2019

“For as many as have not seen my face in the flesh.” Col 2:1b

CC Flower Mound, Texas was amazing!  God really showed us how close we are to those who pray for us and we for them, even if we have never met in person!  From the moment, we met everyone, it was like seeing a best friend you hadn’t seen in sometime and need to catch up. Like Paul says in Philippians, true companions. Encouraging each other in Christ, sharing the amazing things He has done and is doing.  What a beautiful family we have in Christ!  Please never cease to pray for those you have not met!  We are knit together in God’s Spirit!  

Heading Home

Finally, we are getting ready to head back home!  We leave April 9thbut do not reach Midigo until Palm Sunday.  Please pray as the spiritual warfare is getting strong.  We praise God we still have 2 times to share and encourage the body of Christ before we leave.  This time in America has been so amazing.  God has kept us busy for sure which was our prayer.  Encouraging our American brothers and sisters to be bold in the faith, sharing the gospel, for the days are dark.  Zachary was able to grow, reaching goals quickly through the therapies he had.  Zachary shares how he is excited to go back home and serve God helping the crying babies. Ian made friends and learned how to work through being bullied.  Ian has turned to prayer for everything!  His faith amazes me!  Can’t wait to see how God will use them!  Vincent was poured into by many pastors and given things to equip all the ministries! God also sent so many people to pour into me too!  From weekly discipleship, women’s ministry, Bible College (so far, I am getting A’s!), Children’s Ministry trainings and conferences for both missions and children’s ministry! 

Luke 12:48 “To whom much is given, from him much is expected.” With all that was given to our whole family these months, we are expecting big things from God for each of us!  Excited, yet sober minded, knowing the enemy is like a lion.  Please continue to pray for us!  

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for our last teachings.  One of my fillings has just fallen out.  Pray they can fix it before we head back.  
  • Please pray for our packing, travels, health and adjustments.  We will be hitting the ground running for sure! We are going back with Destiny who will be serving alongside us.  Please remember to pray for her!  This will be her first time to Uganda.
  • Continue to pray for our Ugandan Children, Ministries and the church!  
  • Please pray for my parents!  I’m sure it will be quiet with all of us out of their house.

Praise Reports

  • God has supplied the money to start construction on the Library and community center!!!! Pray God continues to go before us and pave the way!   We don’t want to put God in a bubble and we don’t want to veer off His path in any way! 
  • We were able to get all our goals done and then some!  My friend Diane spent a whole day helping me look up recourses.  It is possible that we went a little laminating crazy.  I feel equip, at peace and blessed!  All I can say is WOW God, thank you!  All God has taught me, especially about His mysteries has blown my mind!