Fall School of Discipleship

In May our family had an amazing vacation in which we drove almost entirely around the U.S. in two weeks and then spent another week with our family in Oregon. We were all blessed to get to see and briefly visit many places and friends along the way. Two weeks obviously isn’t sufficient time to do any of those visits justice, but it was a great introduction.

As is the norm for the Mission, it cycles through seasons of what we call “feast and famine” of lots of staff followed by a mass exodus to few staff. Those cycles are actually greatly appreciated. When lots of people come we make lots of new friends, get a lot of projects done, and the kids get a lot more attention, therapy, and love . And then about the time when we’re overstimulated and in need of some quiet time people all seem to plan to leave at the same time. During those times we enjoy more of a family feel where we all sit around a single breakfast table, work a bit harder together, and sleep a bit deeper at night after longer days of work.

While we were gone the Mission had gone through one of those mass exoduses and almost seemed like a ghost town compared to the 20 single staff and 4 families we had before we left. That last Season of Discipleship was an amazing time in which the Lord really did “take the reins” and take control. Whenever He does that everything works out far better than if we try to dictate or design how we think things should run. There has been much interest expressed for another School of Discipleship and we want nothing other that to just let the Lord have the reins again. But the dilemma is how to make plans without getting in the way of our Father’s plans…

A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Fortunately the Lord gives us the freedom to choose a direction and start moving in it, while yet guiding and directing us along a pathway that He sees is even better. Therefore we are putting together our plans for the school excitedly awaiting for the Lord to step in and start making adjustments.

The school will run from September 12 to December 14 for anyone from the ages of 18-29 who either are new believers, want to build a strong foundation for their walk, or are looking for an opportunity to live out what they believe. The cost will be $1000, and depending on the turnout there may be a couple of scholarships available for people with financial challenges.

The morning will be spent in class and the afternoons will be a mix of serving the kids alongside the staff or time dedicated to prayer, studying and meditating on the Word, and walking the desert roads with our Lord. The classes will revolve around the simply profound foundations of what it means to be a born again believer in Jesus the Christ. They will include:

THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE FAITH: the preeminence of Jesus, salvation, the deity of Christ, baptism, the trinity, the relation of faith works and righteousness, the Holy Spirit, the church, and much more.

SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES: prayer, reading God’s Word, communion, fasting, fellowship, evangelism…

THE WORD: Jesus is the Word, the Word is living, studying the Word, sharing His Word, principles of His Word…

There will also be days and times dedicated to corporate prayer, questions and answers, and students sharing.

There will soon be more information available on the website: www.one27foundation.org, but in the meantime you can contact myself:

Jeff Moody

619-729-7277 (Mission business phone from Sunday noon to Friday noon)


To apply fill out an application found at https://www.one27foundation.org/join-team, and indicate that it is for the S.O.D..

Most of all, please pray that the Lord provides for the Mission and the school, and that He holds the door open for all those who He wants to come for that time. Thank you, and may our great Father in heaven richly bless you.