Eager Ears


Its been about two years since our church relocated from Ngong road to Karen Plains area. Being that the Karen area is mostly filled with the affluent population of Kenya. Our efforts to reach the community in our new neighborhood is challenging. We have been tirelessly knocking door to door at every house in the neighborhood. Attempting to reach out to the people. But these are the minority, upper class population of Kenya. Lovely gated large houses usually with a security guard at the gate. We are either turned away by the security guards or no one answers the door. We tried to hand out cookies (with Invitations to the church) to each home in the community but there was no outcome from that effort. Astonishingly, we discovered that among this wealthy community there also live nomadic cattlemen of the Masai tribe! They are very warm and welcome us with a smile and a handshake. They have always been eager to hear what we had to share with them about Christ. Last month, we were able to share a Bible study with the people in that community. They showed such keen interest and listened attentively as the Word was taught. We ask for wisdom, prayer and discernment to reach out to all in our community where our church is located.

Praise Report: As parents, my wife and I experienced an exhilarating event this past month: Our youngest daughter, Sophia, asked to participate in our church Water Baptism! There is no greater joy than to see your child whom we have poured into and discipled since a tender age proclaiming her faith in Christ to the world. Please join us in praying that both our daughters would continue to grow in Christ and would never wander off from walking with the Lord.

In Christ,

David Zavala


  • Please pray for the Kenyans who have been affected by the recent floods.
  • Please pray that God would open doors for us to minister to more people in Nairobi.
  • Please pray for healing for Twinkle’s parents who have been ill.
  • Please pray for wisdom and guidance concerning Homeschooling.
  • Please pray for God’s guidance as we make preparations to host summer teams. term mission teams.
  • Pray for many to come to our bible college next semester.