Don’t Waste Your Life

“And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’ Amen.”

Matthew 28:18 – 20

Calvary Chapel Lapu

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Anand, Raju & Aaron

Thank you for praying for us while we were visiting Calvary Chapel Lapu! Our 4 day trip outside of Kathmandu started with 12 hours of driving and then a 6 hour hike straight uphill to the top of the mountain where we were able to visit Pastor Raju (one of our graduates), in Lapu village.  The scenery was beautiful and we were very excited to see Raju in his home where he has been faithfully serving.  Our team was welcomed as a part of Calvary Chapel Lapu as we attended Saturday morning service, followed by a woman’s fellowship, and a small children’s ministry during a Q&A session. The church fellowship continues to grow and the people who are attending Calvary Chapel Lapu are beginning to understand the Bible as Raju teaches verse by verse.  Raju has been helping out people in his community with their farming or fishing, as well as discipling and sharing the gospel. 

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Calvary Chapel Lapu Church Service

It has been a huge blessing to see the fruit in Raju’s life as a Bible College student to seeing him now pastoring a church and ministering to the people up in his remote village.  Being able to visit for ourselves and to see Raju pastor a Calvary church plant was so encouraging for us.  We love being able to visit where our students are from, it gives us perspective on how far they travel to come to study the Bible and what they endure to continue in their labor for the Lord.  Please pray for Pastor Raju as he continues to serve in Lapu Village, and for him to be faithful to do what God has called him to do.

Calvary Chapel Baniyatar

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Aaron with Rabi translating for our
mid-week Bible Study

We have been able to visit with Pastor Rabi and his home fellowship!  Rabi graduated from Bible College two years ago and has been fulfilling his desire to teach God’s Word.  Pastor Rabi and his wife, Mahima, are newlyweds and began their Bible study in their living room.  Their family, along with many people from their community, has been attending this growing church service at Calvary Chapel Baniyatar!  Along with his other responsibilities at the Bible College, Pastor Rabi has been faithful and committed to the start of this new Calvary church plant.  Please pray for him and Mahima as they reach out to the people in their neighborhood as well as their family.

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CC Baniyatar home fellowship

Pastor Rabi has also been serving with us at Calvary Chapel Pastor’s Training Center & School of Ministry.  He teaches twice a week through the Gospel of Luke, and has been helping a lot with translating some classes from English to Nepali.  From when Rabi was a student in Bible College, he would host Bible studies during the semester breaks, and disciple many of his friends here in Nepal and some friends who had gone to work abroad.  His calm personality turns to a bold and courageous one when it comes to preaching Jesus to anyone who would hear.  Rabi is also going to train the students in weekly evangelism through our community and help them prepare for our semester outreach.

Calvary Chapel Dumre

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Pastor Milan leading worship at CC Dumre
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Milan & Aaron enjoying some fresh fried fish from the local river in Dumre Village

Most recently, we took a trip to visit with Pastor Milan at Calvary Chapel Dumre.  We enjoyed our time spent with our brother and his family, and being able to see how the church fellowship is doing.  We brought a group of students from the Bible College who are from the same district as Milan so they could see their families as well as seeing a Calvary Chapel church plant in their hometown.  During our time in Dumre, we hosted a small youth fellowship one afternoon, attended church service at CC Dumre and Milan’s uncle’s church, and had family time at Milan’s home.  It was encouraging for us to see our brother serving wholeheartedly, and watching him be faithful to the work of the ministry.  He has been pouring into the lives that have been placed in front of him and has demonstrated a life surrendered to Christ as he has been serving in his village.  Please pray for Milan who has been sharing the gospel in his community and discipling the youth.  Please also pray for him as he has been managing the remaining construction work of the church building.

Pastors Conference 

This past week, Pastor Bond, Heather and Breanna have come to visit!  While they are here, we’ve invited the pastors of our students who attend the Bible College and also the Calvary Chapel pastors who have graduated and started church plants like Pastor Raju, Pastor Rabi & Pastor Milan.  During our three-day conference, we hosted 9 visiting pastors at the college campus, taught through 2 Timothy and had a time of Q&A about Calvary.

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Aaron & Tyler with all previous Bible College graduates who have now
begun Calvary church plants
(left to right: Majiya, Rabi, Milan & Raju)

It was a great time of glorifying God in the praise reports of what has been going on in each others lives. Among the attendees was Pastor Majiya, who shared an update with us about his work in the east side of Nepal of beginning Calvary Chapel Rangeli. While Majiya was a student, he sacrificed two years apart from his wife and two small kids to study God’s word. It has only been four months since he graduated and he has been traveling into Rangeli which is one hour on his bicycle to teach the bible in that area. Together with raising a family, sharing the gospel and teaching God’s word, he is working daily 12 hour shifts in an oil making factory to support his family. He makes the equivalent of seven dollars and fifty cents per day. It’s our heart to help Majiya and take away part of the financial burden so that he may focus more on his family and ministry. This will allow him to be about preaching the gospel in the midst of unreached people groups. Majiya wants to move into Rangeli so that he and his family will be missionaries in this new village.

We are beyond grateful to be a part of this work of training up future pastors and leaders!  Please continue to pray for each of these men who have listened and obeyed God’s call on their lives.

Praise Reports

  • Each visit to the three Calvary church plants has been so encouraging and a blessing to be a part of this amazing work!
  • CC Pastor’s Training Center & SOM has been going well, we are thankful for all who are on staff and serve with us.
  • We’ve been having more new people attend he CC Nakkhu fellowship after hearing Pastor Anand on the Radio Program
  • The Pastors Conference was an uplifting and inspiring time

Prayer Requests

  • For our team to be like-minded, have the same love, being of one accord, and of one mind.
  • That God would provide financially forus and for the ministry in Nepal & South Asia
  • For those divine appointments to share the Gospel with people
  • Pastor Raju’s parents who are practicing Hindus and don’t fully understand why Raju is pastoring a church.  He has been trying to be a good witness for Jesus, but can feel lonely at times when even his family isn’t the most supportive.
  • Pastor Ravi’s mom is a new born again Christian, but his father is not. Also, please pray for Ravi’s mom who has diabetes and has been struggling with her health.
  • Please pray for Pastor Majiya and the God would provide for him & his family financially.

In Christ,

Aaron & Jena Garcia

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