Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

John 14: 27

Food Relief

Bringing food to those in need.  For the past two months it’s been the priority to get relief to those who are without food.  The lockdown has run its course and there are so many that have been affected.  People have been unable to work, relying on what little they have, and many have been going on with nothing to eat.  We thank God for the amazing team we are a part of who have been working to help put together everything required for this relief work.  There has been a team effort in organizing and distributing food and bringing the love of Christ to the people of Nepal and South Asia.

In Nepal, our dear friends at the Leprosy Colony have been affected with many of them being elderly and having the weakest immune systems.  A team of national pastors and church members went out to meet the needs of the colony.  It was a rainy day and you could see the desperation on many of their faces while over 200 families gathered in line and were given bags of groceries and hygiene essentials.  Pastor Anand preached the gospel and gave hope through God’s word to the people. Our friends at the leprosy colony are already overlooked, so when all of Nepal goes into survival mode, unfortunately, these people become even more neglected.

We Ate Our Last Rice Last Night

As we’ve shared before, our bible college students returned home, many arriving in packed villages filled with people who had returned from working in the cities and other countries.  These travelers found it safer to be in the rural, remote villages, and subtly they’ve been bringing back the Gospel.  Many of them heard about Jesus in some faraway land when they were working abroad and we’re hearing about a massive influx of Jesus!  These migrant workers returned to their homes to now see churches and small house bible studies going on.  Since there’s no work, it allows for free time where they can attend the Bible studies.  Our students are taking the opportunities that have been set before them and are beginning to see Hindus come to Christ.

In fact, one of the first villages where our leaders did food distributions at was in the village of our students Padam and Desu.  Both students were in their last semester of bible college, becoming leaders to the rest of their classmates.  Since being sent home due to lockdown, Padam teaches bible studies in his village every day, even posting them on Facebook live to expand their reach.  When our leaders arrived with bags of rice for the village they were overwhelmed with happiness.  Immediately, Desu wanted to cook for the guests that came to her village.  They noticed Desu opened the food rice bag just given to her, and when asked how much food they had remaining until now, Desu answered “We ate our last rice last night and today you have come with more.”  Needless to say, the situation is dire, and food is running out for many.  It’s been amazing to witness the courage of our friends amidst every challenge they face to still serve Christ and preach the gospel more than ever.

We thank God that funds were provided to meet these needs and hundreds more.  So far, there has been more than 12 food outreaches, and people’s needs continue as we are setting our sights to help more of the villages where our Calvary Chapel pastors are serving, including the mountain region of Lapu where Pastor Raju is living.  Please pray for the continued needs and if you are being led to give towards helping with the COVID relief, click on this link for Nepal / South Asia Relief Efforts.

Another door opens

As you know, we are staying in California until the world reopens.  It has become clear that pandemic panic has spread to Asia where they are just now making more tests available.  Every day the test numbers increase so much compared to having zero testing a few weeks ago.  It appears that the doors have temporarily been closed for us to be in Nepal today, but God always makes a way for another to be opened.  The Calvary Chapel School of Missions will be starting their summer session next month on July 6th – August 17th down in Mexico.  We three, our small family, will be joining as staff and helping to raise up the next generation of Calvary Chapel cross-cultural missionaries.  It’s an amazing opportunity to pass along the things we wish we had known 7 years ago when we first went on the field. We will be able to disciple young zealous people, and of course, have another excuse to eat great tacos daily! You can find out more by clicking this link to Calvary School of Missions.

BabyGarcia Update

Jena is 16 weeks pregnant (4 months) and BabyGarcia is the size of an avocado!  Last week was the week of the “baby pooch” where it looks like you ate just a little too much food but it’s actually our baby growing inside!  Jena’s health is great and she is enjoying the pregnancy cravings of everything bagels, ramen noodles, cheese (especially nacho or cream cheese), but not altogether of course.  This month we’ll have another doctor visit and will be finding out BabyGarcia’s gender!  Stay tuned until the end of the month for the big reveal!

In Christ,

Aaron, Jena & BabyGarcia

Prayer Requests:

  • For those that are hungry in Asia
  • Our family as we go and be a part of the Calvary School of Missions
  • That God would provide financially for us and for the ministry in Nepal & South Asia
  • For those divine appointments to share the Gospel with people
  • Endurance to be faithful in the work of the ministry