CC Pak in 2020

And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us,
And establish the work of our hands for us;
Yes, establish the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings, we hope and pray that you are fine. We all at CC Pakistan are doing well and are thankful that God has protected us during all the tough times of 2020. This year was not easy for most of the people in this world because of the Covid-19 plague, but the Lord has been doing great things in our lives and through the ministry of Calvary Chapel Pakistan. As the year has come to the end, we want to share a snapshot of what the Lord has faithfully accomplished in this part of the world. We are thankful to you all for the prayers, support and care. 

Teaching Ministry in 2020

Without any knowledge that the world was coming to a stand still from March onward for many months, we prayerfully, with a new vision, started our online classes in two cities and God very amazingly and graciously provided for our needs to do that. These classes have been a really great tool in the hands of our Lord. We started with 35-40 students in one place, and almost same number in the other city. Now at the end of this year, there are about 75 more students interested in joining our class and those who have been studying are growing in the spirit and knowledge of the word of God in really amazing ways. It is really time consuming to bring these people out of the Word-faith, prosperity teaching they had received and feed them solid food of the word of God. We started with “Introduction to the Bible,” then we had a series on “The Authenticity of the Bible,” our next class after that was “The Centrality of Jesus Christ in the Bible,” and recently we finished one series on “Spiritual Discernment.” Now our students are ready to start “Basic Theology” classes with us. It took us almost one whole year to bring them to this place. Please continue to pray for these classes. 

Vision for Teaching in 2021

As our students have increased and our online classes have developed, people’s interest in studying the Bible, developing a researching habit, growing in spiritual discernment, and learning about basic Christian doctrine has grown. Because of this we feel that we can start a Certificate program in biblical studies here in Pakistan. During this year we have been working on many teachings and articles, translating them into Urdu and putting them on our website. We believe that this project will be used by God to start some proper teaching here in Pakistan. We want to request you to please keep this in your prayers. 


The recording project is very much related to what we shared above. God provided vision and provision for this ministry. We are recording audio and video series of Bible classes in the Urdu language. God made this possible for us this year and while we were not able to go out for other activities, working on this project was a very productive use of the time. The work on this project continues and, God willing, very soon we will have enough resources in Urdu to lay a solid foundation for the spiritual life of all those people who are coming into our contact for learning. We ask you to please continue to pray for this special project as well. This is great thing that we were able to start in this year and it is already proving to be very helpful.   

Reaching out to the unreached

We have been reaching to some very unreached groups for many years. These groups are poor, slave-like brick makers. We still go to them, share the word of God with them and encourage them to remain faithful though they face much discrimination and other pressures. We praise the Lord that their new generation is now able to read the Bible by themselves. The work of 6-7 years has started to bring very positive spiritual change in the new generation. The children of those who only listened to the words of the Bible from us, are now able to read the Bible and share the word of God with their families. 

During this year we were also able to go to a very vast but neglected mission field. God has provided needs so far and we are able to reach some very amazing but almost totally

unreached people. The Lord is also leading us to reach some of the Hindu tribes, many of them have come to Christ and they are leading a very tough life. This mission is giving us the opportunity to reach, teach, bless and encourage those dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord to remain strong and steadfast and to grow in the Lord. This work is going to grow and it will also require a lot of energy and much more in the future. We ask you to please keep us all and this whole project in your prayers!

Women Ministry

Women’s ministry is also one very important ministry that CC Pakistan has. We could not update much on this during this year. Things were slow because of Covid-19, but this ministry has been going well and building many young girls and women in their Christian faith. 
This ministry seeks to start two more Sewing Center projects next year. One will be near our place but the other one is planned for the unreached tribes in the south part of our province where we are reaching through our church Mission. Please continue to pray for all of this. We are thankful to you for supporting this project of Calvary Chapel Pakistan. 

Special Thanks
We also want to send very special thanks for all of you for keeping us in your prayers. Your presence as our interceders always encourages us. When we know that there is a team of spiritual warriors on their knees for us, we feel very comfortable and strong while we serve here. We want to request that you please continue praying for us all, and we will also be appreciating your special support and care. God bless you and your families! We love you all! Wishing you a very blessed time at Christmas!

In Christ Jesus,
Pastor Nadeem Massey