By Thy Word

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your prayers and support!

We have started Bible School again here in the central part of our country. The classes are held in the same hall where we have our church service. For the students to stay, we rented out a small house near the church so that students can just walk to the classroom. We are looking for another place where the students can stay and have classes in the same place.

Right now, we have six students living in the rented house. We have another person who lives at his house nearby and attends our classes. We have another student from one of our churches in the North who attends live online through his mobile phone. The student from the North came to faith a few years ago through one of our pastors there. He always has really good questions from the Word. He is a really good student of the Word and calls his pastor or me to ask questions. He is married and has a small child, so he could not come and live here. But since he wanted to study, he is attending the classes through audio and video calls.

So, this semester we have a total of 8 people attending the classes everyday. They really like the way we teach the Word of God and have been growing in the knowledge of the Lord. I have been teaching them Systematic Theology. I am really enjoying teaching this subject. I have to study a lot to teach them and studying it has been a blessing to me as well.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for me. This last week I was not well and had a high fever. Now, I am much better, but I am weak. Please pray that I will recover well.
  • Pray for me and the other teachers to be a blessing and good teachers to the Bible school students.
  • Pray for the students that they may also grow in the Word and be well equipped to be used to expand the kingdom of God in their places.
  • Please pray that we may find a good place nearby for the Bible school. 


Pastor 9

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