Bittersweet Beautiful Life

An Important Update from the Bueschers

The things that once felt different, the foods that seemed strange, the various sights and smells of Peru, they’re no longer foreign. In fact, they’re quite familiar. 

Let me share a quick story… On a recent visit to the States, I was driving along a small town highway. I had borrowed a van during my trip and the gas light came on, but on top of this, my phone had no cell service. I began to feel nervous, then borderline panicked as I was already late to a get together and the next gas station was still miles down the road. I said to myself, “I have no way to contact anyone, I don’t know how many miles I can drive once the gas light comes on, and I’m in a foriegn country with no way to ask anyone for help!”

Now, let me fill in a couple little details… I drove down that very same small town highway every school day for years. If you blind folded me, even today, I could tell where I was on the road simply by the curves. I know the town like the back of my hand. Yet, somehow the very town I spent all my school years in, felt like a foriegn country. Despite the familiarity, it was no longer “normal” it felt new and uncomfortable.

Peru has become our home. Which is why no matter how excited we are for the doors that God is opening for us, this news is extremely difficult to put into a newsletter. The bittersweet reality of God opening doors, is that it means He is also bringing other chapters to a close.

Many of you know that Russian Jewish ministry has been a call on our hearts since before we were married. Yet we committed to the Lord to stay in Peru for as long as He would have us here. Over the last several months, we have continuously had it impressed on our hearts that we need to get ready. That now is the time to get rid of our things because this season is drawing to a close. Through much prayer, this will be our last semester serving at CCBC Peru. We aren’t coming off the mission field, but this will be a big time of transition for our family. At the close of this Fall semester we will be moving back to the United States for a full time Russian language training program in Washington state. The language program will begin the following Fall semester, which will give us one semester to find a house, get our kids enrolled in school, and of course, welcome a new baby into the world.

Friends, we are so excited for the incredible things the Lord is doing in our lives. But as I said, the opening of a new chapter means the closing of another. It’s like when you get to the end of a really good chapter in a book, a chapter so good in fact that you don’t want it to end. You have no idea what the next chapter holds, and this one has been so good, you wish it had just a few more pages. That’s how it feels to come to the end of this season in Peru. We know that God is faithful, and the next chapter will be full of great things, but it’s still hard to say goodbye to this one.

Please pray…

  • For the kids, as they have lived in Peru the majority of their lives, and this will be a big transition.
  • For us as we need to sort through and give away nearly everything we own in the next few months. It just feels overwhelming.
  • For wisdom about enrolling the kids in school in Washington. There are several options. 
  • For a vehicle large enough to hold all of us when we get back to the States.
  • That we can start making connections in Spokane area even now to help make the transition as seamless as possible.
  • That in the busyness of sorting and packing we don’t miss any opportunities to pour into everyone on campus this semester. That it would be the best semester yet, and the Lord would be at work in every little detail of it.