Being Faithful

“I will bless the Lord at all times;His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”Psalm 34:1

I pray you are doing well. I want to thank you for your partnership in the Gospel with me. These past few months have looked different for me, but the Lord continues to do amazing things in a place that opposes Christ. He reigns over all and is raising up His soldiers for battle! I am thankful to the Lord that He allows me to be a part of His mission here on earth to reach the lost. Due to the lock-down, our campus has been closed, so there have been no students- but, there are many things to still be faithful over! The Lord has entrusted my family and I with this big land (the campus). Therefore, we have been faithful in cleaning it, cutting the grass, fixing water pipes and making sure nothing gets flooded due to the heavy monsoon season.

This also means getting rid of, from time to time, some un-welcomed friends around our place that are poisonous! With that said, I praise the Lord that He protected me from a poisonous snake last week. I went to reach inside a box and unknown to me, one was in the box. It did not have time to bite me. Praise God for His protection!
   The Lord has also opened up teaching opportunities via the phone to some villages where our students stay. I am teaching twice a week and ask for your prayers as the internet connection is not the best. I had the privilege to ask who wanted to accept Christ. As you see on the picture to your right, people were ready for truth and their Savior. Although COVID has changed things around, Christ is still moving and providing ways for people to hear His truth. Many here are hungry and seeking for Jesus Christ. Please pray for the laborers here to be strengthened and to be encouraged amidst the persecution. There are also many who are eager to study the Word, so please pray that in the Lord’s timing the Bible College would open up so that many can start being equipped to be sent out to their un-reached villages. I am excited for what the Lord has for these youth that want to serve Him. 

A family who was forced from their home because they would not renounce Christ.

 I would like to share a brief story with you all from a village one of our student’s ministers in. The couple and baby pictured to your left were forced out of their home in their village because they would not renounce Christ. They were threatened, and having no choice they departed. Our student was able to help them out and get them connected to a pastor whom offered their home to them. They are doing well and continue running this race with endurance knowing this place is not their true home. Please lift them up in prayer and that this would be an eye opening testimony to the persecutors. For them to realize Christ is worth leaving everything for. I thank the Lord that during this time of persecution, I am reminded of what He went through and how Paul said in Romans 8:18” I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us”. Keep running the race and keep your eyes on the Lord whom we get to be with forever in eternity after our short time here on earth!We have our hope in the Lord Jesus Christ because He has chosen us, but He has chosen us to take the Gospel to those who have no hope and give them the hope of Jesus Christ. We are His ambassadors and His soldiers and by His strength He helps us face our battles. May we learn to cling and depend on the Lord during these times. The world may be changing day to day, but our God remains the same yesterday, today and forever. Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you for partnering alongside me and for your prayers that give us the strength when facing persecution.

Praise Reports:

  • The Lord has entrusted me with new things that are exciting in my life 
  • The Lord is raising up youth that are eager to learn His Word
  • The Lord has given me the opportunity to teach the youth 

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the youth and for my teaching time with them
  • Pray for my surrounding community
  • Pray for continual health for me and my family 
  • Pray for the Lord to open the school back up in His timing 

I would love to connect with you and pray for you as well. Please feel free to email me and stay in touch. 


Pastor 1*
*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.