A 7.0 Earthquake Hits Acapulco

The Situation

We have never experienced an earthquake like this one before in our life and we’re from California!!! Thank God nobody in our family, church or community was hurt. Unfortunately, one life was taken. We aren’t sure about the details but our prayers go out for the family.

Even though this was a tragedy, I am blessed to say that the church responded quickly. The very next morning we received phone calls and messages asking how they can help. At that moment in time we still hadn’t evaluated the ramifications and couldn’t say where the immidiate need was. Today we have a better grasp on the situation.

The Need

Some families from our church cannot go back into their homes because the structures have been condemned by city officials. Their apartments will be torn down due to the danger they will cause. These families literally lost their home. One of those families is our assistant pastor Jose and his wife Keyla. 

Stacy and I took in another family that is currently in the same situation. Others are still waiting on the officials to review the damage and give the approval or not. Unfortunately, the Mexican government will not help.

The Plan

We will be setting up a fund to help these families find a place for the time being. Rent can vary from place to place but the average rent is between $6,000 and $7,500 mxn pesos per month. Converted to dollars it is $300-$375 U.S.

We know this isn’t cheap but if we can at least help them find something with a 3-5 month lease that would be huge.

Our immediate need would be for the family that is living with us right now. Rossy is a widow who cares for her mom and son. This week we will be looking at apartments. For the time being they can stay with us as long as needed. We don’t want to rush anything rather wait on the Lord. Any support would lighten the burden.

(Left to Right) Stacy, Rossy, Amparo (Rossy’s mom), Bianca (our daughter-in-law) and Alex (Rossy’s son)

Pastor Jose is able to afford his own rent but could use a little help with moving costs and replacing some household items. They will be staying with another family from our fellowship.

Thank you for all your prayers!! We are so thankful for God’s protection. If you want to send money click on the link below and please specify in the comment “Earthquake help” God bless you all!