…I have not seen the righteous forsaken, or his seed begging bread.

Psalms 37:25

It has now been one full year for the Mission / One 27 Foundation opperating on its own. There were moments when we were all wondering if and how everything would work out, and God always showed Himself dependable to make sure that the everyone was covered. Although it’s often a disconcerting situation to be in, it is always exciting and encouraging to see our Lord provide in ways that we don’t anticipate.

Initially we had a figure for our monthly opperating costs, but often times that wasn’t met… but than doesn’t mean we didn’t have enough. In the past there were certain “luxeries” (peanut butter, honey, etc.) that we had to buy sparingly and heavily regulate how it was used. Well, we haven’t had the budget to even consider buying those things, BUT we have been enjoying those indulgences in greater abundance than ever before. We have been spoiled lavishly by caring individuals and visiting groups.

Even though the monitary figure hasn’t been what we thought we needed to pay for all the things we used to, God has shrunk our shopping list to match the budget. He has been supplementing our needs with practical donations beyond what we would have justified to purchase. He has always made sure we have enough to pay the bills and buy the diapers and meds. And now we don’t have to regulate the use of peanut butter.

He always gives us just enough money to cover our “true” needs, and not too much so that we keep coming to Him remembering that it is on Him that we depend, and that we don’t spend it on things He knows we don’t need. Yet He blesses us with elaborate gifts from the body of Christ that we wouldn’t have enjoyed even if we did have the targeted monthly budget.

The many visiting groups have also been exceedingly instrumental in very significant improvements on the facilities. I can’t even begin to recount all the things they have done and bought for the the kids, staff, and the facilities. The infirmary is finished, propane tanks installed, palm awning built on the cocina, pool supplies, ice machine, new freezer, massive clean up, and even more great sacrificial contributions of love, work, time, and money. …And then came Christmas… WOW! Everything beyond what we can give sufficient acknowledgement to.

THANK YOU! We thank our Father in heaven and the body of Christ for this amazing demonstation of His love. We look forward to seeing all the more of God’s great demonstrations of His undeniable existance and presence among us.

God bless you all and many thanks from the whole Mission family!