July Update

We are in the middle of our move to the States and will be in Ohio on the 19th of July. We are currently in Cork, Ireland with my brother and sister-in-law til the 18th. Our last few weeks in Romania were quite busy for us and they were both emotionally and physically draining. We also wanted to send out an update before we left Romania but due to the kids outreaches and packing we ended up not being able to.

Our last few meetings with the teens in Valeni were really great. We are really going to miss that group. In one of our last meetings one of the guys thanked God that our group was like a family and we are so thankful for how God brought the group together.

During a different meeting two of the girls said they wanted to receive the Lord in their lives. They said they had never made that concious decision and they wanted to give their lives to the Lord. It is a blessing to see the Lord bring fruit through those girls lives.

Ruth and I are thankful to have been a part of those kids lives the last few years and we pray that they would all choose to live their lives for their God and Creator and that they wouldn’t waste their lives away.

During our last full week in Romania we as a church had our kids outreaches. We did a two day kids outreach in both Valeni and Ciorani and they both went really well. We taught about the parable of the tax collect and Pharisee and we also taught on the parable of the lost son.

We had good turn outs in both locations and the Gospel was shared with each of those kids. It was good to see familiar faces and some new ones. Ruth and I were busy heading up the game time but we were thankful to have some fun with the kids before we left. With the outreaches we also had some extra help from two girls who are from a church in Missouri; they will be in Romania till sometime in August so we are thankful that they will be a help to the churches and to Steve and Alice till then.



Packing everything is never an enjoyable experience we only had 4 bags to pack up and they couldn’t be over 20 kilos which is a little less that 45 pounds. We left a couple bags and our guitar behind that Ruth’s family are wanting to bring over when they come for a visit to the States this fall/winter. We definitely got rid of a lot of stuff but we know it’s just stuff that can be replaced if needed.


We are excited about this next stage in our lives but there is a lot that is unknown. I’ll be looking to get a job when we arrive and we know that life will be very different. It will be so strange to not be involved in ministry in the same way we have been for so many years. We want to continue to serve the Lord and to be used by Him wherever He takes us. We ask for your prayers as we take this step of faith. We will be staying at my parents for a few months until I get a job and we are able to move out.

As I mentioned in our last update, supporters can still send support through SGWM for 3 months after we get to the states. For those who have monthly support set up you will have to email the head of finances at SGWM, Jack Fletcher, (Jack@ccsavinggrace.com) when you want to stop sending support.


It has been a huge blessing to be here in Ireland. We have been able to get good rest in this cool and pleasant climate. It has been so great to see so many friends from our time in Ireland and it has been a joy to introduce Eliana to more family(Eliana loves her uncle Ian and her auntie Siona)! The Lord is good and we see His faithfulness throughout the years and we will continue to trust in Him and not in our own understanding.


In Christ

-Aden, Ruth and Eliana Knepper