Jim Needham

Jim Needham has been involved in various ministries here on the home front for the last several years.  It wasn’t until after his retirement in 2017 that he sensed the Lord doing a totally new work in his heart to lead him out onto the mission field.

While on short-term mission trips to Haiti, the Lord started to teach Jim through His Word and “real life” encounters that His love, forgiveness, and grace are for all people in all nations (Isaiah 49:6). God shows no partiality (Job 34:19).  Over time this work of God moved deeper in his heart as Jim began making friendships and falling in love with the people.

Currently, Jim is part of a mission internship program with Saving Grace World Missions and Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. It has been an answered prayer for him to be part of a viable sending church.

Jim spends time with his three children and six grandchildren while continuing to serve the Lord in any capacity the Lord leads him in, both here and out onto the mission field.

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