No Place to Rest

Arise and go, for this is no place to rest….

MICAH 2:10
Alishia doing her morning devotions.

Another week has wrapped up here in Rosarito, and it’s an honor to get to share with you again. Thank you so much for taking the time to read these updates, and I hope that they bless you as much as we feel blessed to be here.

Pastor Phil Metzger teaching us one morning.

In the classroom this week, we had the pleasure of learning from Phil and Joy Metzger. They spent 20 years in Hungary planting churches and running a bible college. Alishia connected with them right away, as they have a mutual friend with us in Japan and are familiar with church planters in the city where our friend Tamera lives in Serbia. Phil taught on the importance of learning language and Joy joined him to teach about raising a family on the field. They shared their testimony for two hours on Tuesday night, and they easily could have gone two more. It was amazing to have a living, speaking missionary biography right in front of us. We know that we won’t follow their specific steps to get to Japan, but it was such an encouragement to hear the ways that God showed Himself in their journey.

Calvary Chapel Rancho Santa Cruz and Pastor Martin’s dog, Krisha.

On Thursday, we did an outreach at Calvary Chapel Rancho Santa Cruz. We brought food relief, created a program for the kids, and moved hundreds of cinder blocks. I was given the really incredible opportunity to teach a bit from God’s word. It was a great exercise in working with a translator, being prepared to teach without forewarning, and relying on the Lord’s strength instead of my own. The Holy Spirit showed up, and we were extremely blessed by the church. Even when the culture is foreign, there is so much joy being around our Church family.

Moving hundreds of cinder blocks for God’s glory.

Again, thank you for your incredible support, and please reach out to us if you need prayer or encouragement for anything. We love you would be blessed to be able to come along side of you in this way.

Praise Report:

  • For the amazing opportunities for ministering that God has provided.
  • For the connections we’ve made with the students, staff, and missionaries.
  • For the weaknesses that the Lord has shown us in ourselves, that we can surrender to Him.

Prayer Requests:

  • For continued growth and refining in our lives.
  • For direction on what to do after Mexico.
  • For strength, energy, and health as we are just at the halfway point of the school.