Disciple of Christ


Hello Family and Friends,

First I want to say thank you for partnering with me in prayer. This trip has been such a blessing and encouragement to me! God has been doing a work in my heart as He is teaching me to be more of a disciple of Christ. In the books that we have been reading this week, God has been speaking to me about things that have been going through my mind and heart and revealing to me that they’re vulnerable spots in my life that I haven’t given to Him. Also, he’s been showing me that I need to give up some of my old habits that are part of my culture and focus more on being a person that is willing to adjust to different circumstances.


During the week we visited Calpilla Calvario Rancho Santa Cruz where we did children’s ministry, shared testimonies, and helped move bricks for the church building. As we were staring the children’s ministry, I noticed this little boy, around two years old, who wouldn’t stop crying as his dad was trying to leave. I then went up to him and started to play around with a ball and make funny faces to him. And surprisingly he started to calm down. His dad put him down as the boy began to play with the ball. After multiple times trying his dad was finally able to leave and attend the service. The boy then got sad again and went to his sister crying to her. When we were starting to sing the songs he eventually stopped crying. I was just happy that he stopped crying, but when I thought about the whole situation God was telling me something. God was telling me that when we are sad or going through a tough time He is there. You see the songs we were singing had to do with God’s overflowing love for us and during this song, the boy stopped crying. Just like that little boy, we can be sad but his love for us never ends and is overflowing.

I miss you all so much! Please continue to pray for our school of missions here in Mexico. In the landscape of this place, hearts are being transformed, including mine. We have three more weeks to glean from pastors, missionaries, and local church plants. Three more weeks to minister to those in these communities. I covet your prayers and support as I seek to become a disciple of Christ and make disciples. 

Click the link to partner financially with me. God has more in store for the coming year, and I am so thrilled to see what He will accomplish in and through my life. 


Praise Report:

  • Our team was able to cross borders to reach San Vicente 
  • The group has great unity and works well together
  • We’ve had the privilege of praying for many people

Prayer Request: 

  • Pray I would be focused and receive all the teachings 
  • Pray for our outreach to the Kumiai Tribe
  • Pray for safe travels for our team
  • Pray for seeds of the gospel to be sown in the hearts of many