Advancing the Gospel

Hey, it’s me again!

I never would’ve imagined all that the Lord would teach me in these first two weeks. He’s really been speaking to my heart about surrender. I want to thank you all for coming alongside me and praying for the ministry and outreach that we’re doing here at the Calvary School of Missions here in Mexico. Again, I could not be here without your partnership, investment towards the Gospel, and God’s call on my life. Not only has this time been great for reaching people with the good news of Jesus, but it’s been a wonderful time for growth and preparation in taking Jesus to the nations. Our classes have laid a biblical foundation for what Church planting and missions are to look like. We’ve had seasoned, long-term missionaries share their testimonies as well as teach classes which have been crucial in forming a proper understanding of what we will face on the field as we go.


I completely understand that right now is a really difficult time for many. COVID has stirred up a lot of fear and worry in this season of life. Those are the sorts of things that cause us to want to retreat and keep to ourselves, but we have to remember that this is a crucial time. A time that should stir within us the importance of making the Gospel known; and not only that but to help meet the physical needs of those around us as well (as safely as possible). Right now is the time to advance the Gospel, and for the students and leaders here we continue to count the cost as we go out to serve these communities.

The Lord has used us to be able to bless a lot of families here in the local Church. This last week we took the opportunity to love on a couple of different communities by providing COVID relief: food packages, getting to spend time with those in need, playing games with kiddos, sharing testimonies, and sharing the Gospel with many of the adults who attended. At both events, I was able to share a brief testimony of how the Lord has saved me, and what He has done in my life. Our hope is that the Lord would use the testimonies given by all to plant seeds in the unbeliever and encourage our fellow believers.

Near the end of our first outreach, we got ready to hand out the food packages we had prepared for our first COVID relief outreach.

At the first COVID relief outreach we went to a neighborhood that had a lot of need. When we got there we went out and invited everyone we could to come and join us for the afternoon! One of my favorite parts was to get to hang out with the kiddos at the end; to get to hear their laughter, and to get to see them run around playing with their balloon animals and swords. I’m really thankful we got to go. Please pray that they would think on the Bible story that was shared, that they would think on how much the Lord loves them, and that they would seek to run after Him! The second outreach was held at a church not too far away from where we are staying. I had the privilege of getting to pray with an elderly man named Juan (his son is the pastor at that church). We were able to pray for his other son who was not walking with the Lord as well as Juan’s grandson. What a precious thing the desperate cry of a father is; our God hears!

Getting to pray with Juan…

After serving at and attending church on Sunday we were able to go out to a local park, share the Gospel, and give out invitations to church with Spanish booklets of the Gospel of John. We split up in multiple groups to engage with the people there. It was a really great time to see the younger people of our group being pushed out of their comfort zones and growing to enjoy talking with people about their faith. Thank you for your prayers—God is absolutely using them!

The view from the prayer station during our second COVID outreach…
While the groups were out evangelizing and giving out invites there was a group doing crafts and fun projects with the kiddos!

How To Get Involved

Would you like to continue to be a part of what God is doing in my life, and part of sharing the Gospel? Please know that the Lord is using you through your prayers and giving. Needs will continue to arise as time goes on and the Lord continues to reveal His calling. If you feel led to give, the link is below.

Most importantly, would you please continue to pray for us and this ministry:

  • To draw closer to the Lord
  • To have continued boldness in sharing the Gospel
  • For health, safety, and protection
  • That the Lord would continue to reveal calling
  • To continue to count the cost
  • For His provision
  • For a willing heart to go wherever He leads
  • To get everything He’s wanting me to learn
  • For the families and people that we have and will minister to
  • For what’s next as well as potential vision tours of where God is calling me for longterm missions

I love you guys, blessings,


“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you,” (Matthew 28:19-20a, NKJV).