A Name for Every Season

1 Corinthians 12:27

Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.


We’re now in the home stretch for CSOM! I’m excited to say that I have been greatly strengthened in the name of Christ this last week. The name of Christ in my life has always meant salvation since I decided to believe in His mighty name over everything else. If anything in life contradicts His awesome and mighty name, it’s false. He is that simple! But He’s so complex that He chose to send His only son to atone for what we did. He paid the balance for us by the name of Jesus Christ! He gave us righteousness in His eyes by His name! Praise God! Holy Holy Holy! In what world would we ever see somebody give us everything when we were the ones who took on an eternal debt?

God has shown me these last five weeks that even when He brings me up to the mountains, or allows me to fall into deep valleys, that He is more than sufficient for any season. God is so… good to love us in this way. He will empower us, humble us, bring us to existence and show us how little we truly are. God be praised. Only by the name of Jesus Christ do we even exist. Praise God! Holy! Holy! Holy! Jesus is only beginning to exemplify His name and purpose in my life, and I’m so excited to say that by the name of Jesus Christ, this season at CSOM is coming to an amazingly powerful and purposeful end, all for His glory.

Big Hype for the Work of God!

God did amazing work through the team this last week when we had the opportunity to run the first church service at Capilla Calvario in Primo Tapia, Mexico. Our team rocked it! God saw the need and gave us the opportunity to perform a good work in His name. We had part of the team doing face painting, part of the team delivering the gracious testimony of Jesus Christ in their lives, and some of us playing games and doing crafts with the kids. God provided me with a platform to share His word with the people at the church and teach on John 15:1-8. It was anointed by the Spirit and an older gentleman accepted Christ. To see God working in their lives through the message I delivered and to see God use me for His kingdom was an amazing blessing. All of the time we were there, I saw God moving in and through our team by blessing those at the church and being an encouragement to them.

Nehemiah 8:10

This last week we were taught by seasoned long-term missionaries with 30 yrs experience on the field. They shared with us about the centering of Christ in missions and how to apply Christ to all things on the mission field including the deep need the world has for more mission-minded believers. God also blessed us with the opportunity to help build a drainage ditch for a house in Rancho Cuarenta. We attended a church planting conference hosted by Calvary Chapel Rosarito. The biggest fact that stuck with me during our time at the conference was that only 3% of churches worldwide focus on church planting and the accomplishment of the great commission. God is on the move by the name of Christ regardless of the season we are in. If we choose to abide in the great commission or not is up to us, but He wants us to abide in Him, and that includes the great commission.

James 4:8

Praise Reports

  • God brought 7 people to the Lord this week during various church services
  • God is increasing His Kingdom
  • God used us to help multiple families with food and health supplies
  • God is teaching many people how to better pursue the great commission
  • God is enough
  • God is good
  • Christ is all

Prayer Requests

  • God would provide for me and the team spiritually as we finish off this season of our lives at CSOM to continue walking and seeking Him faithfully
  • God would continue, even after this season, to grow me radically in His name and glory
  • God would continue to reveal His holiness to me daily
  • God would continue to show me His work in my life and in me
  • God would provide for me financially and spiritually entering into this next season

If God is calling you to help in the expansion of His Kingdom to the ends of the earth but feel called to where you are now, please consider coming alongside me in my call to the ends of the earth. You can partner with me by coming alongside me in prayer that God would work in and through me as I walk according to His will. Another way to come alongside me in partnership is by supporting me financially to complete my schooling at Calvary School of Missions and Calvary Bible Institute as God continues to prepare me for the work that He is calling me to.

If you want to partner with me financially click the link below:

God be praised,

Joshua Knight