Reaching the Unreached

Youth Fellowship Conference

Christian Youth Fellowship

Youth Leader Worship Time

At our church, I hosted a 2 and 1/2 day youth program for all of the Christians in my district. We had a great time studying God’s Word and spending time in prayer and worship. About 150 youth leaders came and were refreshed by the fellowship and encouraged one another to be steadfast in the faith!

Fellowship NOT Locked Down

Reuniting for Our Church Fellowship after the Lockdown

During the lockdown in our country, it was really difficult to meet in one place altogether. Even though it was a scary time, we had the Word of God to comfort us and speak truth into our lives. Now that our country isn’t on a lockdown anymore, we’ve been meeting all together at the church for one church service once again. 


After two years of studying, we were able to celebrate my younger brother, Manish, at his Bible College graduation! I traveled to the capital to spend time with him and be a part of his graduation ceremony. He has already been serving with me at our church during his holiday breaks. When I got sick with Covid a few months ago, he was able to teach for me and continue the fellowship. I am so blessed and thankful to God for my close brothers in Christ, who encouraged him all through his time studying at the Bible College. I’m very excited to bring him alongside me to serve the Kingdom of God together and see how much more the Lord will use him.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Graduates

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for me and for my family, that we would remain healthy
  • Pray for my brother, Manish, as he joins me in the ministry
  • Pray for the new believers
  • Pray for financial provision to be able to start a family buffalo farm so that we can support ourselves more

God bless you,


COVID Relief Update

We had another round of relief outreaches in Nepal last week where Pastor Milan was able to get a pass to minister to villagers who have only been eating once a day.

With your help he was able to purchase rice and other main staples and distribute the supplies to many hungry families from Calvary Chapel Dumre. This week he hopes to visit many non-believing families to share the provisions that God has given as well as the Gospel. Please keep these coming outreaches in your prayers!

500+ Youth Gather in Nepal

Helping Host a Youth Conference

I am thankful for your prayers and support as I serve and lead the fellowship at Calvary Chapel Dumre, Nepal. I am going to be sending updates to keep you informed and ask that you continue to join me in praying for God’s work in my area.

   Last month, I was part of the leadership committee. The 13 of us planned and hosted a youth conference for students from all over our region of Nepal. There were 60 churches represented at the conference. 500+ youth in our district, most of whom are believers in Jesus, attended! The youth conference was held in Bhansar on a soccer field. We had so many youth register that we had to rent a tent to hold everyone for the three days.

 The theme of the conference was “Rooted In Christ” from Colossians 2. It was an honor to be asked to teach. It was my first time to share the Word at a youth conference of this size. As I prayed, the Lord laid it on my heart to share from Acts 16, about the life of Timothy. At a young age, Timothy decided to serve the Lord. I challenged the youth to do the same and ask the question….”What are you doing with your life?”

Teaching at the Youth Conference

   We had a worship band and much teaching and all were encouraged. I am looking forward to continuing to serve on the Leadership Youth Committee. We are planning host this conference every year. I believe that this generation can make a huge impact for Christ. They just need to be taught and discipled in the Word so that they can defend their faith and share it with other young people.
   Please pray for our fellowship of believers. Please pray that they would grow strong in the Word and that we would have many opportunities to share the Gospel with others.
Also, we will be hosting a medical outreach at the end of November in our church. Pray that as those who are sick come, that we would be able to minister to them spiritually while we are ministering to them physically.
Thank you,
Milan Pariyar