A New Chapter

Dear friends and family,

The busiest time of the year, or so they say. That was an understatement for the internship as we went into Christmas break. The beginning of the month was filled with anticipation for the season and for my girlfriend to come spend time with me on my birthday. I’m not much of a birthday celebration kind of a guy, but this one was a special one to say the least. As we spent the day together, I asked Lydia to marry me. She said yes!! I am filled with such joy and excitement for the Lord to grow us in preparation to be wed. The day was so perfect, the sun was shining and there were clear skies. Lydia always loves the sunlight glimmering through the trees. It reminds her of how the Lord brings life to things when the sun illuminates the dark leaves. Reminded of this image I chose to go to the Huntington Library. I found a perfect spot with the trees intertwined with one another and I popped the question.

Later, Lydia and I had an opportunity to go Christmas caroling in Brea. It was such a fun time spreading the love of Christ through song. I took video that later turned into a short update the church produced about their evangelism ministry. During the event it was so cool that a few people from the street joined us to sing alongside. It kind of reminded me what the body of Christ is all about. We are all connected through Christ, and we are all called to show the love of Christ to all. Furthermore, it reminded me of the true meaning of why Christ came down to earth. It wasn’t because we needed to get more comfortable in our security of tremendous grace, it was for those who are lost.

Something that also transpired is I got my old job back at Starbucks again. Although I am still looking for another full-time job, I am so blessed to have a job that is flexible and has pretty good pay. I’ve started up conversations with my co-workers and am really praying for the opportunity and courage to share what God has done in my own life and what Jesus can do in theirs. For if I can’t do it in my backyard of the States, how could I do it on the field? My goal is to tell others of the full gospel message and I pray that the Lord would teach me to do it wherever I am.

Photo by Vista Wei

Finally, a new year is quickly approaching us. With that, it brings new opportunities. I am looking to go on a vision tour to Japan and I am going to need to raise $3,400 for a two-week trip. My purpose in going is to scope out the land seeing if it is truly a place the Lord is calling me to bring the gospel message to. During that time, I will be experiencing the culture firsthand and be working with a few missionaries already there, learning from them while also praying through the entire trip. If you aren’t able to give, I ask that you begin praying that the Lord would provide, and His will be revealed on the trip. So many things are happening this next month I can’t wait to share with you. The couple that my fiancé and I want to partner with are coming to California, and there is also a prayer and fasting week for our entire church. Stay tuned for more.

Thank you so much for partnering and praying alongside this amazing calling I have on my life. The opportunities that the Lord has given me is also your fruit as well. So once again you have my thanks!



Photo by Steven Diaz

Prayer Requests

  • For the new chapter in Lydia’s and my life. That God would lead us to where He wants us to go
  • For the internship that I would grow in the Lord and learn the Scripture to give to others
  • For the filling of the Holy Spirit

Praise Reports

  • I got a job
  • Lydia said yes to my proposal
  • I am gaining steam towards the trip to Japan

Not Mine But Yours

Dear friends and family,

This last month has been such a blessing, things have not gone according to plan, but the Lord was in it every step of the way. During one of our interns’ classes, we looked over Psalm one. pointing out we must be like a tree planted by the river like our leaves revealing the life that is given by the father. Let me catch you up.

The Journey of Patience:

Preparing for South Sudan was a challenge. My role was to shoot videos and take pictures. I questioned whether I was going along the right path of preparation. I spent countless hours looking over tutorial videos and looking at diverse ways to shoot videos leading up to the trip. I did not know there was going to be even more than what I saw on the upcoming day of departure.

The day of our flight I got a call, my heart fell to my stomach as I saw who it was. It was my boss, Rob. He called to inform me that there were some complications on getting some missionaries out of their location (as our plan was to meet them as a focus of our trip). They could not come at all; my initial reaction was why. Yet, the craziest scenario happened.

God you are so good:

As the moment seemed to slow down and the feeling of defeat seemed to trickle in, the Lord met me there at that moment and reminded me that there was a wedding to go to that very day. My fellow interns and friends Branden and Nancy were getting married that very day. I thought of my girlfriend Lydia, we talked about our hopes of attending the wedding together and we needed to surrender it to the Lord.

Long story short, I called her as she lived in Mexico near the border and there was enough time to get her and attend the wedding. I was so grateful to hear that we got to attend the wedding. It was such a sweet time of joy and it felt like the Lord truly blessed us.

Us at the wedding

Then challenge struck:

As it is nearing the end of the year and we have been in the new year of the internship at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. It has been nothing but exciting. I found a rhythm of sorts that I can do both ministry and the internship. Until a few days ago…

Reader, I write to you with a sad heart that I may need to change jobs once again due to funds being short and there is not enough to sustain my payroll in Ends of The Earth Ministries. I will be forced to go back into the workforce unless I can find support. My job is reaching a very crucial point because we have struck gold with the tasks I have been working on. For the last 3 months, I have been trying to find the perfect way to place missionary training that we so desperately needed. As I have looked to become a missionary, I have come against so many questions that I have found answers using Rob Douglass’ teachings.

We look to build a course that no matter where you are in the process of becoming a missionary to already being on the field, it can encourage and impact you! Friends, I ask that you prayerfully consider supporting me. If the Lord leads you to do so there is a secure giving link down at the bottom of the page.

Thank you so much for reading this and coming alongside me in meaningful prayer. If you have any questions, please contact me.