Visiting Peru!


August has been a BIG month for us!

Poiema chose to attend CBI (Calvary Bible Institute) in Trujillo, Perú so I accompanied her as this is a rather BIG step for anyone who has not traveled on a passport! If you’re wondering why people consider Bible Institutes instead of traditional secular universities… it has a lot to do with God’s calling. The universal Christian Church needs workers who know their Bible and want to serve in ministry. Remember that the first universities in the U.S. were started to equip & train and produce ministers and pastors! However, we still have a need for pastors, church planters, and missionaries!

Poiema is now in an exciting place full of adventure and new people. Pray for her!

“Turistiando” being tourists outside of Lima, Peru.
Poiema and I enjoyed a 12-hour layover in Cancún before flying to Lima! (that’s us at the Mayan site Tulum)

Visiting Church Planter Lorezo Ruiz in Peru!

When Poiema and I went to Peru, we had the privilege of visiting our friend Lorenzo Ruiz and his family who live outside of Lima. I planned it so that we arrived in Lima on Wednesday and left Friday so that we could enjoy a few days visiting him and his familia!

In 2022, Lorenzo joined our church planting training school at Calvary Rosarito. He left his wife Rocio and their 3 boys Brayan (12), Angelo (10) and Andriu (7), and came all the way from Calvary Ventanilla outside of Lima, Peru to train with us for one year. I told him we were hoping to visit him and he insisted we stay with him a few days at his house. He said, “Pastor Pablo, I know you Americans are different…. and you like your privacy when you travel… but, I really want you to stay at my house!” Of course, hospitality is a beautiful quality and I discovered that hospitable people like the Ruizes want to be inconvenienced on your behalf to show you their love. Isn’t that beautiful?

Poiema with Marisol (Lorenzo’s sister in law (L) and his wife Rocio (R)

They fell in love with Poiema and now she is family! I told her, from now on, she must stay with them a couple days whenever traveling through Lima!

It is a great privilege to encourage church planters!

I talked with Lorenzo about his plans and vision for these difficult inaugural months. He is basically starting from zero going to a bustling suburb of Lima 15 min from his house. I got to hear and see first hand his plan in action. I gave him words of encouragement and faith as I saw him full of contagious enthusiasm! 

One of the coolest things I saw was a living room full of family and friends that want to follow Lorenzo to Calvary Puente Piedra to assist in the work and be trained. I told him, that is the sign that you are a good leader! You have people wanting to follow!

Thank you!

Finally, Lorenzo and I want to thank all who of you from CCSG that donated funds to Lorenzo in June when we had our ministry update barbecue at the Groves! Finances are always a need and a great blessing. He sends a special thanks to Mike Vincent for the great mentoring and training he got at Calvary Rosarito! 

Also, thank you to those who have been so generous in supporting the Boubions financially! My wife and I were so blessed by your generosity. We have already put those funds to good use supporting our women’s ministry as well as the expenses for visiting and blessing church planters like Lorenzo in Puente Piedra, Peru!! 

Claudia’s Trip to Her Birthplace!

Claudia and my daughter Natalie visited family in Guadalajara, Jalisco while I was in Peru.

They spent their whole time visiting her aunts and uncles and cousins. Her tia (aunt) Araceli accompanied them everywhere including a visit to Guanajuato and San Miguel Allende (two colonial Silver Cities)

Prayer Requests:

  1. That we will always make our relationship and time with Jesus #1
  2. For Claudia, as she develops a new women’s study designed to teach them how to study the Bible verse by verse and teach others! And, to reach the hundreds of women who aren’t being discipled and choose the right day and time for it!
  3. For Poiema as she studies and serves abroad at CBI, Peru with Corey Kilgus! This is a big step of faith! 
  4. For Lorenzo & Rocio and their family to stand firm and unified in their calling to plant Calvary Puente Piedra! For their nascent core team that is forming. For people from all classes and cultures to feel welcomed and loved as they join the church.
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