Equipped and Equipping

By Claudia Boubion

Hello family, friends, and fellow co-laborers,

I want to start off thanking everyone who has, is and will be holding us up in prayer! 

Wow! God is amazing indeed! He continues to equip folks here in Mexico and beyond!

I am blessed to share with you our new Bilingual Women’s study called, “Women of Worth and Purpose(Mujeres de Valor y Propósito)

Our key verse is Ephesians 2:10 

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Why? Because every woman is valuable and has a purpose in God’s kingdom here and beyond ‘til we see Him face to face. My heart is simply to equip them whether they’re 13 or 113 years old to fulfil their calling for every good work God has prepared for them to step into and glorify God with. We promote HIM, not ourselves, a very good place to be! 

Here’s a question or two:

  1. What good works should a Christian woman or man do? 
  1. What good works are you presently walking in and fulfilling? Because if you are, that’s great! You’re fulfilling your part in His plan of redemption! And, if not, why not? 

Time is of the essence! Jesus is coming soon! May He find us attending to His kingdom business.

(We know that good works do not save or make you more or less approved before God. It’s simply out of love, faith, and obedience that you are! Our approval, acceptance, and favor come from repentance over our sin and believing in Jesus Christ alone to forgive all our sinful actions past, present and future. That’s great news! 

All this to say, is God has allowed and redirected me to begin a new women’s study. Here’s the catch: it is bilingual, the first ever at Calvary Rosarito! Sept 26, was our first meeting. It was great to see new faces, new leaders, and a new enthusiasm.

Our first meeting was a great blessing! We will be studying the book of Psalms, I got to teach Psalm 1 in Spanish. My translator Dannya was a blessing. 

A great time of worship with my friend Mariela and her niece Miroslava (Miri). Truly God is faithful to provide in all areas of this new women’s study!

We’re so thankful for you as you partner with us prayerfully and monetarily, this is YOUR eternal fruit as well! 

POIEMA at CBI in Trujillo, Peru

Poiema is currently attending Calvary Bible Institute and was very busy this week preparing for a large Church Planting conference in Trujillo Peru!

Pastor Dan Valdez, Poiema and Yésica from Calvary Rosarito !

Our pastor Mike Vincent & Pastor Lorenzo Ruiz visited with Poiema at the conference!

Paul teaching at a conference in Hermosillo, Sonora on September 3rd:

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for leader unity, guidance and love for the ladies God brings.
  • Future leaders with the same heart and commitment as the group grows
  • My trip to Morelia, Oct 4-8, I have the privilege of sharing at the retreat. 
  • For Poiema to grow in her faith and vision for her future as she works at CBI Peru. And provision for expenses. She returns in November.
  • Wisdom and energy for Paul as he teaches Tuesdays at a rehab clinic, directs the 1pm church planting class on Mondays, oversees Biblical Counselling and his work with the staff and the executive board. 


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