Serving the Lord Together

Praising the Lord Together at our Youth Conference

Fellowship in the Capital

When I came to visit the capital, I was able to visit some of the Bible College students who were on semester break. We did house fellowship together and were able to have Bible studies in some of their homes. It was a great time of encouragement with them and they were excited to go back for their next semester of Bible College.

Having Lunch Together at the Youth Conference

Youth Conference

Worshiping God Together

We had a combined youth program with the youth group from our church and from the church that my uncle pastors at in his village. My heart in having a combined program was to be able to keep the teens in fellowship with one another, and spend time building their friendships with each other. We played some games and shared lunch altogether. I taught from the Word and encouraged them the importance of reading their Bible and how studying the Word will help them grow in their understanding of God .

Reaching Out Through Medicine
Hosting a Medical Outreach

Medical Outreach

It was so excited to be able to host a visiting team from America to do a 3-day medical outreach. In those few days, we had about 220 people come to meet with the doctor, the optician to examine patient’s eyes, learn dental hygiene, and hear the Good News. We were able to plan children’s ministry for about 50-60 local kids immediately after they finished school to play games and hear Bible stories. A praise report of one man who said he used to attend church when he was a kid and then left after he got older, but when he re-listened to the gospel at the medical outreach he deicide to come to church that following Saturday! Please pray for him and for his salvation.

Prayer Requests:

  • For my family to mature in their relationship with Christ & to have good health
  • Our church believers to grow in their faith
  • Pray for my community to know the difference from the Truth and the false teachings
  • Pray for me for safety and for good health

Thank you,