Celebrating Christ

Celebrating Christ Together

Thank you for your prayers! It has been a fruitful month. We had a great time with the church during Good Friday, Easter Sunday and also our Music Conference that we had for the youth in our community.

Good Friday

As a church family, we all fasted and prayed together and read the scriptures. We prayed for unbelievers in our family, friends, our community and our country. I taught about Jesus’ great sacrifice and encouraged the church to be faithful to Him and encouraged to tell our Hindu friends and family what God has done for us all, and why we will be celebrating His resurrection on Sunday. It as a good time of fellowship, and encouragement altogether as a church.

Easter Parade

Easter Sunday

All of us pastors in the district planned and hosted an Easter program for all the churches in our district.  We all gathered in a big field and marched through the main city with singing and dancing with different music and cultural dress and holding signs with bible verses on them.  Our district came together to proclaim that He is risen almost 80 churches attend the program that made almost 3,000 people, including many Hindu people who are high up in government came to attend.  After we marched through the district, we gathered at a big hall to worship together and told the whole community that Jesus is different than any other religion and shared the gospel.  During our Easter Sunday program, we sang worship songs and had special gospel dances perform.  I had invited my Hindu cousin to our good Friday service, Saturday fellowship, and then she attended the Easter Sunday program where she was able to hear the gospel for the first time.

Celebrating Christ Together

Music Program

Our church was a part of hosting a music training program for about 6 of churches.  My friend, Prakash, and his team came and taught how to play different instruments and how to have a worship team for the church.  Many youth kids who are already on a worship team at their church learned more about how to work together and lead a fellowship in worship.

Thank you for your prayers and support,