Meet our Staff and Students for 2024!

We are proud to launch our sixth annual Calvary School of Missions summer program! This six-week intensive program includes teaching and training on cross-cultural ministry, cultural immersion, church planting, God’s heart for the nations, and the current state of the unreached.

CSOM Staff

Tim and Jenn Pappas

Pastor Tim is our on-the-ground Director of Students, providing pastoral oversight and wisdom to the students as they experience the ups and downs of life on the mission field.
Jenn will be supporting her husband and leadership with the students who come to CSOM with her gift of love and hospitality.

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Trent and Debbie Douglass

Trent and Debbie Douglass have had a heart for international church planting for over 25 years. In 2018, the Lord gave them a new vision to mobilize and train up young people to be full time cross-cultural church planters. In 2019 they started the Calvary School of Missions and have been blessed to be a part of sending several of those students to be full-time workers oversees. Trent’s roll at CSOM is teaching and training and Debbie is helping to lead and love on all the students, especially the girls. 

Gary Barrow

Garry gave his life to the Lord in 1979, married his wife Tina in 1984, and is the father of three, Ashley, Bryan, and Austin. He is the grandfather of three, Noah, Florian, and Selah. Gary has been faithfully teaching the word of God since 1996. He has experience as a full time, long term missionary, church planter, and pastor. Gary served oversees in Hungry from 2001-2006 and Germany from 2006-2016. Gary has been apart of Saving Grace world Missions since 2008. He also served as the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Truckee from 2020-2024. He has a heart to teach and disciple pastors and students in the 10/40 window. Gary’s life goal is to “die on the mission field telling people about the salvation that is found in Christ alone.”

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Macey was a student at the Calvary School of Missions in 2021 and got to serve as one of the children’s ministry outreach directors in 2022. This year, she is blessed with the opportunity to join the team again as the financial director. She will also be there to come alongside the students as she has a heart for the unreached, just as they do, as well as an understanding of what they will be experiencing as a former student herself.

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Nathanael Douglass

Nathanael was a student at Calvary School of Missions in 2021. After completing the program, he entered the Missions Training School for 2 years. He’ll be newly married to Olivia, who will be a student this year at CSOM. This Summer he will be the Assistant Director growing in skills of leadership and discipleship. He and his wife are praying about a few different Unreached places and hope to move overseas in the near future. They are excited to serve the Lord and the team this summer.

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Alani Rangel

Alani graduated from Calvary School of Missions in 2023. She is currently training as a student I the missions training program at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace in order to be equipped for the field amongst the Unreached. She has a heart for the Word of God and a desire to see the lost, saved. For this year’s school, she will be on staff and have the opportunity to encourage the students and walk with them as they serve and learn more about this call to missions.

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Marcelo Ramos

Marcelo was a student at the Calvary Chapel School of Missions in 2023, where he felt God’s calling to live among the Unreached, to start a new work. he has a great desire to serve, encourage and help the next generations to move forward in their calling to reach the nations in the name of Jesus. He is currently being trained at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace to leave to the field in the upcoming years

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At the age of 9, God began calling Acacia to Himself. During that time, He began planting seeds of missions in her heart, setting her on fire for what He wanted to do with her life. Passionate about making His name known among the Unreached, Acacia currently lives as a missionary in the 10/40 Window doing just that! After completing CSOM 2020, she attended Calvary Bible Institute in California before moving to Peru to participate in another year of cultural training and serving, all directed by SGWM to train and equip her for the Middle East. Last year, she was blessed to be a part of the CSOM staff as the financial director. She is excited to see Jesus move in the lives and hearts of the students this year, and for what he wants to continue to teach her about His calling on her life.

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Tori was a student at Calvary School of Missions in 2020. She is presently a student in the Missions Training School at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace as she prepares to leave for the field amongst the unreached. She has a heart for the lost as well as discipling woman in the word of God. She is honored to be on staff for this year’s school and excited to work alongside and encourage this year’s students to follow Jesus and labor in the harvest.

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CSOM Students

Alyson Beattie

Alyson grew up exposed to Christianity and biblical truth most of her life. This drew her to be a believer in Christ but not necessarily a follower of Him. It wasn’t until September of 2020 that the Lord blessed her with the understanding of His grace and mercy specifically for her. Alyson has been attending Calvary Chapel Saving Grace for over 8 months and is serving in the children’s ministry, as well as doing campus ministry at California Baptist University as she prepares to graduate this spring. The Lord has been speaking to Alyson and drawing her towards missions for the last 3 years but it wasn’t until this past year that she began to seek His will rather than seeking to honor Him in her dreams. As she has been preparing for post grad life, the Lord has blessed her with clarity and confidence in walking forward into one thing which is the Calvary School of Missions.

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Christian Brown

Christian Brown grew up in southern California his whole life except for two years in England. Throughout his life he has always been surrounded by solid friends and family pushing him towards Christ. One Summer Camp, after listening to a gospel message and feeling the weight of sinning against a Holy God, he repented and put his faith in Jesus Christ. With a new heart to serve the Lord and learn more about his Glory, another desire grew: an interest in missionary work. Now he is going to attend Calvary School of Missions to fulfill that desire.

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Serena Keeler

Serena has been saved since Dec. 15th, 2019 from a life of rebellion and selfish living. Serena now serves at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace with the Youth & Young Adult ministry and desires to disciple them in the most crucial times of their lives with finding purpose for their life. Serena has a compassion for the young people all around the world who may not feel they have purpose or have never heard the name Jesus Christ. Serena feels the calling on her life to reach the unreached. Serena feels led by God to go to CSOM, she will be learning more in depth about Missions, equipping, training, hands on experience visiting other Church Plants. She is ready to surrender to whatever God has called on her life.

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Judah Douglass

Growing up as a missionary’s/pastor’s kid, I knew that Christianity was true, but became hardhearted and wanted to try to figure life out on my own. Through my years of struggles and hardships the Lord softened my heart, and was revealed to me, and He opened my eyes to the truth when I was 15. I know the Lord commands us to go and make disciples, so through this step in my life I am praying about wherever the Lord wants to send me. I want to serve Jesus with my life and school of missions will help open my eyes to the need of the Gospel throughout the nations.

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Olivia Kula

Olivia is a missionary kid who grew up in Poland, Hungary, and Cambodia. She is now living in the United States and is graduating from college with a degree in intercultural studies with a focus on global missions. She was saved at a young age and has felt the desire and call to go back to the mission field after college. She is currently attending Calvary Chapel Saving Grace and serving in the nursery and young adults ministries. She has a strong desire to reach the unreached with the gospel and serve the Lord wherever He may call her. 

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Deprii Haggstrom

Deprii has been saved since April 17th, 2020, from a life of a bondage and brokenness. He is on a mission to love God and love people, and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Deprii is passionate for truth, evangelism, and the Word of God. He believes every believer is called to go and make disciples of all nations, whether it’s in your native community or to the ends of the earth. Deprii has seen and tasted, the beauty, the majesty, and the goodness of Jesus Christ; and has the desire for all to experience and behold the glory of the Lamb. He will be learning more in depth about missions, equipping, training, and hands-on experience visiting other church plants. He is ready to surrender to whatever God has called on his  life.

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Brittany Komes

Brittany Komes grew up in a Christian household as the middle of three daughters. She committed her life to Christ at an early age and grew up serving in her church. She has worked as an RN in Washington State for the past four years. Over the years she has learned the importance of trusting in the Lord and in His timing in all things, both professional and personal. Now, after much prayer, she feels God may be calling her to the mission field. He has opened the door for her to attend the Calvary School of Missions this summer.

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Michaiah Henry

Michaiah Henry is originally from Huntington Beach, CA but currently lives and is serving at her home church in Vancouver, WA. While growing up in a Christian family with her dad being a pastor, she didn’t come to choose the Lord for herself until the age of 19. Since then, the Lord has lead her into ministry, and given her a heart to fulfill the great commission and share with those whom have never heard the gospel before. In choosing to go to the school of missions, her heart is to be available and surrendered to the Lord as He leads the next steps of her life.

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Brennan Shaw

Brennan grew up in Rancho Cucamonga and accepted Jesus to be his personal Lord and Savior of his life when he was seven years old in church. At the age of sixteen he felt the tug of the Holy Spirit on his heart to devote his life to ministry in the church and a desire to help others know and grow closer to God. When he was completing his Bachelor’s degree in theology at CBU, he learned the importance of church planting and the mission to bring the Gospel and the kingdom of God to the rest of the world.

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Russell Christensen

Russell is from La Habra California and has been a christian for around 5 years . Russell is trying to see where God desires to use him, he heard about school of missions from a friend and began praying about it and God put the desire on his heart to take a step of faith and see how God will use Him. 

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