Meet our Staff and Students!

We are proud to launch our third annual Calvary School of Missions summer program! This six-week intensive program includes teaching and training on cross-cultural ministry, cultural immersion, church planting, God’s heart for the nations, and the current state of the unreached.

Meet our Staff!

Pastor Tim Pappas

Pastor Tim is our on-the-ground Director of Students, providing pastoral oversight and wisdom to the students as they experience the ups and downs of life on the mission field. Sign up for Pastor Tim’s Email Updates!

Elaine Sedillos

Elaine is our Dean of Women, selflessly serving the students and serving alongside them with the practical aspects of life and ministry. She is the perfect “Momma” for our students! Sign up for Elaine’s Email Updates!

Meet our Students!

Here are our 2021 students!

Adam Fulmizi

Adam grew up in Orange County, California and has just graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in music. While in college, the Lord taught him what it means to surrender to Him and gave many opportunities to preach the gospel. As he transitioned into his after-grad summer, the Lord opened the doors to be on the School of Missions team. Adam is excited to spend his summer seeking God, learning about His heart for missions, and striving to be gospel centered in all he does.

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Aleah Vanrenterghem

Aleah is twenty-one years old and will be taking part in CSOM summer of 2021. She is originally from Portland, Oregon but would consider herself a pilgrim for the Lord, simply obeying His leading in life on Earth until she is home in Heaven. Her heart was burdened for those who do not know His Gospel when she grew in her relationship with Yahweh during her time at Calvary Chapel Bible College. The Lord led her to join CSOM based on a mutual love and passion for the obedience of God’s purpose for His church to reach out to those who are lost in all people groups. 

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Allie Ritman

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Branden Garcia
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Geoff Hamano

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James Albano

James Albano was born in Southern California into a Catholic family. James had an understanding and reverence of God, but little relationship with Him or His Son. Attempts were made to develop this relationship, yet did not consistently begin until God healed personal hardships six years ago. Through much grace and blessing God brought James to CCSG where he realized the immense need for the Gospel worldwide. James is open to how God may want to use him, and desires to spread the love of Christ which has transformed his life.

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Nathanael Douglass

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María Quiliche Matos

Maria Cristina grew up in a Christian home, however she was 12 years old when she began her walk with the Lord. Since then she pursued God’s will every day throughout her 22 years, until one day, her pastor told her about the opportunity to travel to Mexico thanks to Calvary School of Missions. Now with the help of her family and her pastor, Maria is excited to see what God will prepare for her as she opens the doors to undertake this adventure to learn more about her calling.
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Phil Lewis

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Vanessa Gallo

Vanessa grew up in Trujillo, a city to the north of Peru. She is 24 years old and studied Advertising. At the age of 17 she heard for the first time what the mission of God and the people who still do not have access to the gospel meant, since then, she has a heart for the unreached peoples. This year, God gave her the opportunity to be part of CSOM. She is convinced that her life will be completely transformed during the six weeks of training. She is confident that this time will be the confirmation of all that God has been working in her for the past 7 years.
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Victoria Villegas

Tori Villegas, was born, raised, and currently lives in Central Coast, Ca. She desired to be in missions at 10 years old after she was inspired by her brother and sister-in-law’s mission trip to Zambia. God answered her prayers and 9 years later God sent her to Malawi, Africa with YWAM in 2019. She learned what it meant to truly be in Missions. Whether from her hometown CA to halfway across the globe, she wants to serve in gratitude and love for Him and for others, hoping to spark the light for Jesus as was sparked in herself.
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