Meet our Staff and Students!

We are proud to launch our third annual Calvary School of Missions summer program! This six-week intensive program includes teaching and training on cross-cultural ministry, cultural immersion, church planting, God’s heart for the nations, and the current state of the unreached.

CSOM Staff

Pastor Tim and Jenn Pappas

Pastor Tim is our on-the-ground Director of Students, providing pastoral oversight and wisdom to the students as they experience the ups and downs of life on the mission field.
Jenn will be supporting her husband and leadership with the students who come to CSOM with her gift of love and hospitality. Sign up for the Pappas Family Email Updates!

Bryan and Andrea Reyes

Bryan is the Director’s Assistant to Pastor Tim Pappas. He will be running alongside him completing on-the-ground management tasks and discipleship among the students of CSOM ’22.
Andrea is our Director of Children’s Ministry. She is gifted with children and will be heading and managing the VBS outreaches to local churches and communities of Mexico.

Bryan and Andrea are Calvary School of Missions ’19 graduates and are actively preparing to move as missionaries among the Unreached. Sign up for the Reyes’ Email Updates!

Nancy Gutierrez

Nancy is our Dean of Women, selflessly serving the students and serving alongside them with the practical aspects of life and ministry. She is the perfect candidate as she herself was a student in the first year of CSOM! She is now preparing to go on the field in the coming future. Sign Up for Nancy’s Email Updates!

Aleah Vanrenterghem

Aleah is our Financial Accountant and will be handling the overall on-the-ground finances of the School of Missions. She is also passionate about student discipleship and is a CSOM ’21 graduate. She is now actively preparing to go into the field to work among the Unreached. Sign Up for Aleah’s Email Updates!

CSOM 2022 Students

Silas Breen

Silas grew up in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. He was raised in a godly home and surrendered his life to Jesus at age eight. In Silas’ later teenage years the Lord began to truly cultivate in him a delight for the Word as he grew in an intimate relationship with his Savior. After graduating high school, God led Silas to attend Calvary Bible Institute in California. It was at CBI that God continued to burden his heart for the lost and deepen his desire to serve on the mission field. He is excited for whatever God leads him next.

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Bryan and Kayla Crenshaw

Bryan and Kayla met while they were studying the Word at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta Hot Springs. They have both felt a hard pressing call to teach the Gospel to all nations, sharing the beautiful, redeeming, and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. They got married in February of 2021. After prayer and seeking the Lord, they are now pursuing the School of Missions with Saving Grace World Missions. They are praying to be faithful to what the Lord has willed for their lives, being obedient to the Great Commission

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Gabby Frazier

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Carmelle Garces

After being saved by Jesus’ radical love in 2017, Carmelle has been serving the Lord wherever she can. However, it wasn’t until recently that the Lord stirred her heart towards missions after being closed to it for years. God has taught her that walking by faith requires surrender; even when it means surrendering any plans for the future. As Carmelle enters into a new season of life, she looks forward to what the Lord has in store.
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Ramsey Gomez

Ramsey Gomez grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was raised in a Christian household. He didn’t fully accept the Lord until 2020. He has a heart for the lost and has been convicted for the unreached people groups to hear the Good News. Ramsey has been prayerfully considering the School of Missions since 2021 and God has revealed to him that this is the Lord’s will for him to become a long-term missionary. He is being led to serve in any capacity that he can so that God would be made known by every nation, tribe, and tongue.

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Ryan Hennessey

Ryan was raised in a family of seven kids in Vero Beach, Florida. Growing up, Ryan enjoyed reading the Bible and seeking the Lord sincerely. After a mission trip to Haiti, Ryan began to have a heart for worship. After Ryan graduated high school, he drove cross-country to California to study the bible at Calvary Bible Institute. When Ryan heard the purpose of the church’s existence- to make disciples of all nations- his mindset changed and his heart along with that prayed earnestly for a love that desires to save the lost

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Eli Koble

Eli Koble was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Maryland around age six, where he would attend Calvary Chapel Anne Arundel County. Eli was raised in a Christian household his entire life growing up in church and going on small mission trips throughout the years. He attended CBI (Calvary Bible Institute) at the age of 18, starting in 2021, and graduated in 2022. Eli plans to go on a five-month-long mission trip to Cambodia after he graduates from CSOM. He asks for continuous prayers as he takes these next steps.

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Macey Lee

Macey Lee was born into a Christian family in Orange County, California. As she began to grow in her walk with the Lord, she desired to know Him more, which brought her to the Calvary Bible Institute shortly after. Through the Lord’s stirring in her heart during that time, she began to be burdened for the unreached. She desires to be used by Christ to bring people to Himself as He commands us to make disciples of all nations. Macey will be attending Calvary School of Missions to get equipped to effectively share the Gospel wherever the Lord calls her.

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Avery Middleton

Avery Middleton was raised in Folsom California. It wasn’t until Avery was finishing High School that she started to own her faith and grow in a personal relationship with God. In 2021 she started community college and soon after felt the Lord calling her to complete surrender. The Lord led her to attend Calvary Bible Institute (CBI) in Peru and began learning what it truly meant to die to self daily and live for Christ. Now she is a student at CBI in CA preparing to serve in the mission field when the Lord calls her to go

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Bella Moser

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Shilo and Racquell Stratton

Shilo & Racquell were both born into Christian homes in San Diego CA. They attended the same youth group growing up and were great friends for many years. Racquell and Shilo participated in a mission trip to Peru where the Lord called them both not only to missions but to each other as well. They were married in 2020 and felt that it was time to pursue the calling the Lord had placed on their lives years prior. They applied to be SGWM missionaries and were
accepted into CSOM. They both have a heart for Spanish-speaking countries and would love to return to Peru if the Lord wills

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Sara Torres

Sara was born and raised in Colombia a country in South America. Since very little, she was interested in serving the Lord her entire life. After finishing high school and having to work to help out at her house she was able to be sent out to study at the CCBC in Perú, where the Lord lead her to have a heart for missions, especially for those who have been displaced by violence and war. Right now, she serves at CBI Perú as an interpreter and wants to be part of CSOM to be prepared for the missionary field.

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Sam Trujillo

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Araceli Campos

Araceli grew up hearing about God but not knowing him intimately. She filled the space in her heart with worldly things hoping it would bring her satisfaction. As she sought the Lord and read the Bible daily she fell in love with the work that Paul the apostle was doing. The Lord gave her the desire to go to the unreached countries to proclaim Him.

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Joshua Vanrenterghem

Joshua Vanrenterghem was blessed to be raised in a God-fearing, Christian family in Oregon. Joshua knew the LORD has had a calling on him to do mission work since his first short-term mission trip in Mexico. That, combined with his love for aviation, has led him to believe that it is God’s calling for him to be a missionary pilot. Currently working as an electrician, he is saving money for flight school and preparing for whatever the LORD has ahead in the meantime. Hearing of his sister’s experience at Calvary School of Mission lead him to prayerfully apply.

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Andrew Weakland

Andrew Weakland is from Colorado and has lived as a missionary and former bible student in Trujillo, Peru for almost 3 years. Pastor Trent taught a class on the purpose of the church which has opened his eyes to how many people don´t know Jesus, and how the book of Acts is the model and response to the great commission. While he visited CSOM 2021 he went to the church planting conference in Rosarito Mexico, he became convinced that God had called him to plant a church, disciple young men, and preach and teach the bible. The verse of confirmation is Colossians 1:28-29.

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