We Made It To Mexico!

Calvary School of Missions 2023

Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

This is my first newsletter from Mexico! We left Calvary Chapel Saving Grace after the second service and arrived in Mexico around noon. From there we applied for our Visas and drove down to Rosarito where we are staying in the Connections House. We then had a time of prayer and worship, where we surrendered our plans for our lives and made ourselves available to the Lord. At the time when I am writing this, we have had our first day of classes with Pastor Trent Douglass. We learned about the call of Jesus to follow Him wherever He goes. After that class, we had some good refried beans, rice, and chicken for lunch, then enjoyed a time of fellowship with one another. Afterward, we had another class talking about building support and why it is a necessity for mission work. These two classes have taught me a lot about the complexity and simplicity of biblical missions. I’m super excited to see what the Lord will do with the remaining 6 weeks of Calvary School of Missions.

Pastor Trent’s class

Areas of Prayer?

As I embark on this 6-week journey with Calvary School of Missions, I expect it will be difficult physically, mentally, and spiritually. As we go out to do outreach, I expect there will be attacks from the enemy toward me and the people around me. I ask that you partner with me in prayer for these 6 weeks for the people we will be ministering to via outreach and in the various churches, as well as for me and the other students and faculty. I ask that you partner with me in prayer as we go out to minister and are ministered to. Thank you all for all your prayers and support. I appreciate it all. If you would like to partner with me financially, there will be a link at the bottom of this post. Thank you.


Caleb Sanchez

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