Maribel Blanco

Maribel was raised in a small northern California farm town with her parents and four brothers. She had exposure to religion as she attended mass at a Catholic church but never really understood who Jesus was. When she was nineteen years old, she moved to Riverside and started attending community college and working. As she attended her Sociology class, she began to question the existence of God and the need for religion in her life. The philosophies of this world gave her a false sense of comfort and she was mislead by relying on what “educated” people told her. It was not until she heard the Gospel through Lee Strobel at a church service that she saw Jesus for who He truly was.

In the formative years of her walk she was discipled in the various classes offered at Harvest Christian Fellowship. While serving in Children’s ministry the Lord called her to go back to school and get her certification in Early Childhood Education. Out of her love for children she then began to do weekend missions trips to Mexico in 2015 at an orphanage in Tijuana. As her heart grew towards the lost the Lord opened her eyes to a part of the world known as the 10/40 Window. As soon as she heard that there are people in the world who have no access to the Gospel or even the Word of God she was grieved in her Spirit. The Lord opened the door for her to go on a scouting trip to the Middle East and she saw the need for laborers in the Lord’s harvest. She is currently praying about what specific country the Lord would lead her to but in the meantime, she is interning at SGWM and immersing herself in the Word of God.

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