Gabrielle Romero

Gabrielle was raised in a loving home with 2 amazing big brothers and a caring mother. When she was young her mom gave her life to the Lord and began taking Gabrielle and her brothers to church. When she was 7 years old her family moved to Ohio and began attending Calvary Chapel Cleveland. All Gabrielle’s life, she felt a certain closeness to the Lord, always wanting to follow and serve Him the best she could. As soon as she was old enough, Gabrielle started serving in various ministries at her church. She especially enjoyed serving with kids. At age 16 she went on her first mission trip to La Mision para los Ninos in Mexico. This is where God really stirred in her heart for Missions and living radically for Him. God called her back to La Mision at 19 and she served there for nearly 3 years. Upon returning home to her family in Ohio, Gabrielle felt an unrest in her heart. She remembered hearing about Calvary School of Missions and knew God was leading her to apply. It was while attending the school that she gained a new understanding of God’s heart through His Word; she knew He was calling her to the many unreached people in the 10/40 window. Now Gabrielle understands that the burning desire to share the love of Christ with people who were hurting was God’s heart in her. Gabrielle will be interning with Saving Grace World Missions and equipping herself for whatever the Lord calls her to as she seeks direction from Lord on where to go 

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