Meet our Staff and Students!

We are proud to launch our third annual Calvary School of Missions summer program! This six-week intensive program includes teaching and training on cross-cultural ministry, cultural immersion, church planting, God’s heart for the nations, and the current state of the unreached.

Meet our Staff!

Pastor Tim Pappas

Pastor Tim is our on-the-ground Dean of Students providing pastoral oversight and wisdom to the students as they experience the ups and downs of life on the mission field. Sign up for Pastor Tim’s Email Updates!

Elaine Sedillos

Elaine is our Dean of Women, selflessly serving the students and serving alongside them with the practical aspects of life and ministry. She is the perfect “Momma” for our students! Sign up for Elaine’s Email Updates!

Meet our Students!

Here are our 2021 students!

Cathryn Dejbakhsh

Cathryn was raised in a Christian home and made her faith her own at a young age.  As she grew she had a big heart for the lost, it just didn’t make sense for her to keep this gift of life to herself.  She was always looking for ways to be a witness to those around her.  To bring salvation to the lost, freedom to the slaves, hope for the hopeless!  She came to CSOM through lots of prayer, surrender and guidance from the Holy Spirit and is so eager to continue seeking how the Lord wants her to glorify Him and serve for His Kingdom.
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Michael Hacker

Michael came to know the Lord in a men’s home called New Creations in Christ (NCIC) and has been walking with the Lord for 3 years. Michael currently attends Calvary Bible Institute (CBI) to be better equipped for ministry and was wondering what God’s call is for his life. Through his classes he learned about the unreached in the 10/40 Window and the importance of being on mission in foreign places where people have never even heard of Jesus. Michael had a difficult time wrestling with the fact that there are billions of people who have never heard the Gospel and now his heart is set on missions. Through CSOM he wants to be trained in missions work and then sent out in the power of the Holy Spirit for God’s glory. 

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Nathanael Douglass

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María Quiliche Matos
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Phil Lewis

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Victoria Villegas
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Juan Esteban Valenzuela Hirata

Esteban was born in Mexico City in 1969. Eight years afterwards, he moved into Estado de México(State of Mexico). There, he grew up and lived until he was 45. His family background from Sinaloa (Mexico) and rural Japan has resulted in him appreciating life from a countryside perspective. He has been blessed by reaching the lost, firstly, during an international missionary experience in Costa Rica (Central America / Easter 2007). During which trip, Esteban received his calling to serve amongst the Zulu children- teenagers who become orphans due to the HIV / AIDS epidemic. Esteban has also served reaching the lost in different Mexican states (Oaxaca, Estado de México, Nayarit, and Sinaloa where he currently lives).
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