Brechtel Family

Jon and Allison met in 2004, and have been married since 2006. Prior to their meeting, Jon spent a lot of time in and out of prison before coming to Jesus. Allison also spent years running away from her first love, Jesus. Both truly recommitted their lives to the Lord in 2006. They have three boys: Austin, Jonny, and Noah. They have felt the calling of the Lord into missions since 2012, but the call became specific to Mexico in 2013 after many trips were taken down there. In December of 2016, Jon felt the Lord telling him to learn the language as the first step, so they visited a language school. Together, they felt confirmation that this was what He wants them to do. Jon and Allison now attend Roca Blanca Language School in Oaxaca, Mexico. They will graduate in December 2017. After graduation they plan on continuing on in Mexico as their hearts are to tell the people about Jesus.

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