Great news from Culiacán!

Culiacán, Sinaloa, México, July 2022

When we were sent by Pastor Mike Vincent and Calvary Rosarito in 2015 to plant Calvary Culiacán, we had no idea of ​​the great plans that God had for this city known sadly because of the drug trade.

Now, six and a half years later, God has surprised us by building His church in this place. We have planted 6 Calvary churches: Calvary Culiacán North, South, East, West, Villa Juárez, and Aguaruto. In addition, 2 more church plants are ready for the coming months this year: Calvary Patria, and Calvary Conexión México.

Calvary Culiacán Norte

Calvary Culiacán Sur

Calvary Culiacán Este

Calvary Culiacán Oeste

Calvary Villa Juárez

Calvary Culiacán Church Planting School Graduates 2022

Calvary Culiacán Pastors

Pastor´s wives

There are no words to thank God for his blessings to this place where there were no churches that taught His word verse by verse, and now, He has broadened our vision to move forward planting more churches throughout the city, throughout Mexico, and the entire world.

A few days ago we celebrated the first anniversary of Calvary Aguaruto. This is a second generation church plant. In 2018 we sent Pastor Valerio Ramírez and family to plant Calvary Culiacán Sur, and they in turn sent Pastor Antonio García and family in 2021 to plant Calvary Aguaruto.

It was impressive to see almost 300 people in this great celebration! I can say without a doubt that God is bringing true revival to this community through Calvary Aguaruto.

God has been prospering all the church plants. Little by little we see more and more families arrive to each of the churches and pastors and their teams are being challenged to keep training more church planters through our Church Planting School.

Pastor Juan Carlos López and his family will be sent in August to plant Calvary Patria. All of them have completed the Church Planting School and are ready to start.

Pastor Juan Manuel and his wife Liliana will be sent next year to plant Calvary Gracia y Verdad. They, as well, have been trained in our church planting school and already meet every Saturday with a group of 10 families.

Pastor Brian de la Cruz and his family will be sent in December to plant Calvary Conexión Mexico in the state of Tlaxcala, near the center of the country. God has given them a vision to plant a church and the International Church Planting School, to send church planters to Mexico and beyond.

A land was donated to us to build this project, the land is just one hour from the Mexico City airport. It will be of great blessing and impact for many people. Here we will have a missionary base to receive groups of missionaries and take them to serve the main cities of Mexican culture.

Pastor Brian de la Cruz is about to graduate from the Calvary Church Planting School in Rosarito.

Also we have our TV program every weekend preaching the word of God to all the state reaching 1.8 million people.

We are preparing to attend the church planting conference in August at Calvary Rosarito, where I will have the honor of sharing the word of God. Approximately 45 people between students and alumni of our church planting school will be challenged in this great time to move forward in this beautiful work of planting more churches for the Lord.

Prayer Requests:

• For the pastors and families of the churches in Culiacán, may God continue to guide them, and for their finances

• For the 2 new church plants this year, may God supply for everything that is required and that many people get to know him through these new churches

• Special request: As many of you know, I am currently still working for a steelmaker company as a sales manager. I am about to complete 15 years with this company. In the recent months, as God’s work and churches grow, I have been meditating on the possibility of leaving my job to be full time in the work of God. For this reason, I ask for your prayers for direction from God and, in addition, for sponsors who wish to directly support our family. If you wish to do so or know of someone that God is calling to support us directly to our family, please let us know.

Thank you for all your love, support, and prayer for God’s work here.


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