By Hugo Limón, Senior Pastor at Calvary Culiacán Norte

Church Plant #9 – Calvary Santa Fe Culiacán Core Team
Church Plant #10 – Calvary Gracia y Verdad core team

God has been abundantly good. I remember when Pastor Mike Vincent and I came to Culiacan to pray for the city and ask God what he wanted to do in this beautiful city of a million inhabitants with so much need for churches that taught verse by verse all the counsel of God.

Pastor Hugo praying over the big city of Culiacán in 2015

I could clearly understand the vision that God was showing us: in order to reach this great city, 4 churches were needed in each cardinal point, in the North, South, East, and West. At that moment the vision really scared me, how were we going to do it? But I was sure that God would do it.

That’s how we started and from the first day we started the first church I clearly communicated to all the people that we would be a church that would plant churches. Soon I realized that the vision that I had understood from God was really just part of the master plan that God had in mind for the city. I am sure that at that moment God did not show me more because I would have lacked faith to believe it. Now, I see it more clearly. We are about to send our church plants numbers 9 and 10! The seed is planted and bearing a lot of fruit, so, without a doubt, more church plants will be sent in the coming years since it is no longer a single church that is planting churches, but the churches that are being planted are in turn planting more churches. They have the vision in their hearts and this results in a great harvest for the Lord.

Sending church planting teams from Calvary Chapel Rosarito

In addition, we are already working on 2 more church planting projects for next year. One of them in particular gives me great joy because it is a church that will be planted by a church that was planted by another church that was planted by our church! That is, Pastor Trent Douglass sent my pastor Mike Vincent, Pastor Mike sent us, we sent Pastor Valerio, Pastor Valerio sent Pastor Antonio, and Pastor Antonio will be sending this new church next year, Glory to God!

Church plant distribution in the city of Culiacan (2015 – 2023)

I also want to share with you that I am full of joy because I just returned from Peru. I went to serve in the Missions Conferences at Calvary Trujillo with my pastor friend Cory Kilgus. It was a great blessing to see that God used my life to encourage and train many churches in many countries in the vision of church planting. I was teaching at the conference alongside pastors Mike Vincent, Trent Douglass, Luis Sánchez, Cory Kilgus, Don McClure, Lloyd Pulley, and Wade O’Neill. Additionally, I taught on Sunday at Calvary Trujillo and we sent the future Calvary Moyobamba church planting team to the jungle of Peru, and finally, I taught at a church planting seminar at CBI Peru. What a great group of students passionate about serving the Lord in all nations.

Teaching at South America Missions Conference “Comisionado” in Peru
Last days in Trujillo, Peru

I want to thank you who are reading this letter for all your support in prayer and finances; we really consider you a very important part of our team and together we are serving our Lord. All this fruit is yours too because without your help we could not achieve it.

Please continue to pray for our family, for the new church plants, for our finances, for Culiacan, and especially pray for us because we are looking for sponsors for our family, if you want to partner with us, please let us know. Also we are in the process of making an important decision where we believe God is leading us to advance even further in his work and in planting churches throughout Mexico and the world. I will keep you informed of that situation.

With love,

– Pastor Hugo, Brenda, Joy, and Judá Limón

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