The Kanyike Update

But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

Dear Friends and Family,

I pray that you had a wonderful Resurrection season and a Happy Mother’s Day! Our time of celebrating Christ’s resurrection was both busy and fruitful. While I know it is our responsibility to share the love of Christ everyday, this time of year really brings it into focus and keeps it ever on my mind.

We began the Passion week with showing the Passion of the Christ at church on a Saturday evening after youth group. It was quite the interesting experience. As you probably know the movie is in the original language with English subtitles. The copy that the church media acquired was dubbed into Luganda. When it first started I couldn’t figure out what was happening and you could hear some joyful murmurs in the church. Brian then told me about the dubbing. This was actually good since many of the church members do not speak very good English and definitely don’t speak Aramaic. Another interesting fact about the dubbing was that there were times where maybe only a couple words were subtitled but there was much talking. Brian said that the Uganda translator would take time to explain what was happening biblically and give little messages. I don’t speak Luganda but it really seemed to help people to understand the movie.

I wanted my kids to really pay attention even though some of the scenes were difficult to watch. We talked about it afterwards and they brought it up for many days. One time Liana was telling me something and I said I didn’t remember it from the movie and she said that it was probably when I was too busy weeping. I guess it really affected all of us.

After the film the youth leader shared a little with the people about what they had watched and then Brian shared and he and another pastor, prayed for everyone who wanted to get saved or repent from their sin. During the week the youth pastor called and asked if we could show it again the next Saturday as there were still many people asking to see it. We showed it again with an even bigger turn out.

In Uganda the Covid numbers have been almost nothing. The government has relaxed a lot of the restrictions, especially if you are vaccinated. This was a blessing for the Easter season because it allowed us to add more chairs to the sanctuary. Palm Sunday was our first Sunday back to full capacity. It was definitely needed as we had to give the room we had been using as a second overflow room back to the Sunday school since the children have returned to church. Palm Sunday was packed and we had a beautiful service ushering us into the Passion week. On Good Friday we had an evening service with communion and afterglow. The message of course was on the crucifixion and why it had to happen. After having just watched the Passion it was very vivid in may people’s minds as we took time to reflect, and repent before communion. Laylee and Liana took communion for the first time. As Brian led them in the meaning of each element and prayed with them I couldn’t but help tear up once again. On the Saturday after, we delivered chickens and food stuffs to those in our church and community who would have gone without or with very little for Easter. We are thankful to those who gave to make it possible.

We ended up having two resurrection services at the church. We had one on the Sunday that most people celebrate and we had another on the Sunday the Russians and Eastern Orthodox celebrate. The Russian pastor, Sasha, who has been staying with us, shared on that Sunday. He shared about where he comes from, about Christianity in Russia as well as the gospel message. Both Sundays were days of rejoicing that Christ is risen. Luke played the piano for all the services. In Sunday school they had a special Easter service for the children and Liana was able to help the teacher as well as share some candy with all the other kids. The church was encouraged and were blessed with the resurrection messages and to find out more about Sasha and Russia, especially with all that’s been on the news lately about Russia.

Thank you for praying for our family and for the ministry in Uganda.

In Him,
Brian, Jill, Luke, Laylee, and Liana


  • We thank the Lord for everyone who supports us and the ministry in Uganda.
  • We are thankful for being able to share the Passion movie in Luganda and for the people who have chosen to follow Christ. We pray for the discipleship and growth of the Christians at Arise.
  • Please pray for the people who attended any of our services for the passion week. Pray especially for those who came only because it was a holiday, that they would come back.
  • Pray for the Sunday School at Arise Christian Fellowship. Pray for teachers and for all the children who come.
  • Pray for the Russians who have been staying with us and for the ministry they have been doing alongside us. Pray for their country.
  • Pray for Brian as he pastors and leads the ministry team at Arise Christian Fellowship.
  • Please prayerfully consider becoming part of the Kanyike Family support team.
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