Our Testimony


I was born July 5, 1979 to Richard and Margaret Kanyike. I was raised and educated in Kampala, Uganda. I am the eldest of seven children born to my parents. We were raised in a Catholic family. After I had finished Senior 6 I experienced many things in my life, most of which were not so good. I thought to be happy I must work hard and be prosperous. Instead I found myself working hard at various businesses without any success or happiness. I tried using alcohol to feel happy but still was not happy. Finally all my business attempts collapsed and I was not only unhappy but had no money or friends. The “friends” I had left when there was no more money. My parents were not happy with me because they did not like my bad lifestyle. It was here at my life that I felt I could go no lower. I had no money, no friends, I couldn’t go back home, I pretty much felt that no one, no where loved me and never would because of the bad things that had happened in my life. I did not know where else to turn but to God.

I went to the nearest church and asked to be prayed for. I knew then that it was Christ alone who could help me and turn my life around and bring me up out of my despair. I did not have a permanent church in which I began going but went wherever.One day a friend from my youth who had also become born again invited me to Calvary Chapel Kampala. As I began to attend regularly for about two months, I watched the pastors and their love for the congregation. I listened to how they taught God’s Word verse by verse, my life was changed

beginning on the inside, in my heart. I was happy, very happy, and I knew a life lived for God was the only way to stay happy.I began to volunteer at the church and soon was hired on staff as the facilities manager, over-seeing the logistics for the church (cleaning, paying bills, opening and closing the building, etc). Around this same time the church began a Bible College. I enrolled and after three years of study, I graduated with a degree in Theology and a passion to teach God’s Word. The pastor of Calvary Chapel Kampala gave me an opportunity to put my passion to use by offering me the Lunch Hour Bible study to teach.As I look at my life now I can with Paul say

“Rejoice again I say Rejoice,” the Lord has given me more than I could have dreamt and happiness I could never have achieved working for the sole purpose of getting wealthy. I am now married to a beautiful, godly woman I met while serving at Calvary Chapel Kampala. Her name is Jill and she is an American who has now lived in Uganda for seven years. She had worked in the north with Sudanese refugees before coming to Kampala to become the Women’s Ministry director. As we served alongside one another at the church and I saw the benefit my ministry and myself received by her assistance I knew that this was what the Lord intended when He created woman to be a helpmate, so I asked her to marry me.

Today we are both serving at Calvary Chapel Kampala and teaching God’s Word. We are seeking what the Lord would have us do in the future as both of our hearts yearn to see those without opportunity be able to receive teaching also.As we have this desire our eyes and prayers are turning north to the areas of Uganda affected so severely by the long LRA war and burdened on top of that with witchcraft and traditional practices.We have no absolute future plan except to teach God’s Word wherever we may be that others may receive the love, forgiveness and happiness found onlyin Jesus as we have.

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