Yes. Another Newsletter. You’re welcome…

I know you’re probably wondering why am I getting another newsletter in the same week. What could possibly be so pressing that this guy is writing me twice? We have been to a lot of classes this week that have taught me a lot. This week I’ve learned a lot about culture and how it affects how we as a people group act. We often don’t think about our cultural values until we find ourselves in a different cultural context. One of the things that greatly affects the culture is the beliefs of that culture. The beliefs of culture greatly affect the actions of a culture, for example, in India they believe that cows are gods, and because of this belief they treat cows better than humans. Our teacher was telling us that one time he saw this family come out of their house to offer a cow bowls of rice and because of this belief they passed by children on the brink of death due to starvation. Our teacher told us many other stories to demonstrate how beliefs affect action. Not only do these beliefs affect action, but affect how we share the gospel. For example, when you share the gospel with a Hindu you have to stress the importance of Jesus being the only God. Otherwise, the Hindus will just add Jesus to the list of their millions of “gods”. These cultural differences radically affect how we minister and share the gospel, especially the further away from America we get. This allowed me to appreciate raising up locals even more since they know the culture so well.

!Vamos Iglesia!

The main reason this newsletter is coming out so early is that next week, we will be leaving for Culiacan. We will be going to a tribe that has recently been reached. We will be partnering with a church in Mazatlan to do a 3-day outreach to the Kuare tribe. The cool part of this outreach is we will be a part of the first church service for the Kuare tribe. I have no idea what to expect other than it will be some good mission experience. I’m definitely excited to see what the Lord will teach me while we’re up there. Another reason I’m writing this so early is that we will be attending the Church Planting Conference in Rosarito. This event will be happening Friday and Saturday. I’m excited to see what I will learn from the pastors teaching at the conference.

Prayer Requests

There are definitely lots of upcoming events this week and lots of necessity for prayer. It would be very appreciated if you would be praying, especially this week. Thank you again for all your prayers and if there is any way I could be praying for you send me a message and I would love to partner with you in prayer. These are some of the prayer requests for this week.

  • Pray for the Kuare Tribe
  • Pray for safe travels to Culican and to Mazaltan
  • Pray for safe travels to the Kuare tribe
  • Pray for the Unreached People Groups around the world

Thank you again for all your support. The next time I write, we will be back in Rosarito. If you would like to support me financially, there will be a link below. If you have a prayer request or praise report email me as I would love to pray for it. God bless you.

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