He is on the Throne!

Jesus continues to do what He does best, save souls and disciple believers. It is always a blessing to see people come to Christ. The zeal of a new believer is super contagious and lights a fire in every heart. As we go through the book of Revelation sinners see the grave need to be saved and give their lives over to God and believers rejoice in the coming of our King. Please pray for souls as we continue our study through the book of Revelation.

He has Risen!

Easter Sunday we had many new visitors as well as a guest pastor, Yoshima from Calvary Chapel Merida. The word was great and the fellowship a joyous occasion. Calvary Kids sang and did their memory verses. Last year we celebrated from home, so this year was so sweet. Uniting together was a breath of fresh air.

Young adults and Youth

Pastor Jose and his wife Keyla have been a great addition to the ministry. The fellowship received them with open arms. They started the young adults as well as youth ministries which were a huge need at our church.

Marriage Retreat

This year we had our second marriage retreat with over 20 couples present. It was a 3 day 2 night retreat at a local beach. The theme was Colossians 3:14. We taught from the scripture on how a marriage is to work in perfect harmony with Christ and each other.

Inductive Bible Study

The men’s discipleship just started I.B.S two weeks ago. Mexico has a very large need for Bible teaching pastors and we have taken on the challenge of equipping those men with the aim to send them out. Right now we have 14 men that have committed themselves to this course.

Loving our elders

As always we try to spoil our elders with every visit. We visit once a month. We always cook them a meal, sit and talk to them, play Loteria (Mexican Bingo), teach them scripture as well as meet their practical needs. For most its the only family they have. This trip we had a nurse with us to clean wounds and we got a lamp for Alfredo to read in his room.

Extending our sanctuary

After a year in our building we have finally come to the point of needing to expand our sanctuary not only because of the of size of our church, but to meet Covid requirements in having more space for those that attend.

The estimated cost will be $1,380 US dollars. We can definitely use any help we can get. The support of any amount goes a very long way here in Mexico.

Dr. Chavez

A brother that is near and dear to our hearts has suffered a huge hit from Covid. His recovery has been very slow and painstaking. Please keep Dr. Chavez and his family in your prayers.

Villegas Family

Thank you all for the love, prayer and support!

Life in general is very challenging and being away from our family, friends and country can add more difficulty to that challenge, however all of you have been a tremendous blessing to our family and ministry. We thank God very much for everyone of you!

Prayer Request

  1. Continued safety for our family and church
  2. Open doors to evangelize
  3. Leaders to be raised up and plant churches
  4. Resources to extend the sanctuary

Financial Support

If you feel led to send financial support click the link below. All donations are tax deductible.