Social Media 173

Social media and and our cultures are becoming one and the same. Whatever you opinion is of social media here is the reality – it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. Instead of kicking against the goods of mainstream cultural media trends why not prayerfully use it for the furtherance of the Gospel. With a simple post you can get your message out for hundreds to see and you can do it right on your phone from anywhere in the world. As a missionary you need to include social media as part of your communication vision. However, always remember what you post can also be read by the people you are ministering to so please be sensitive. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Try to post one update a day. It doesn’t have to be profound but it should be personal. What is the Lord doing in your life and ministry today.
  • Use pictures and videos as must as you can.
  • Also, share and re-post any monthly updates or important information that you can.

If you are sensitive about people seeing your life and pictures of your kids simply make your posts only viewable by your friends and then be really selective on who your friends are. These are amazing tools that are useful for the Gospel and you need to prayerfully consider how you employ them in your ministry.