Videos 153

One amazing thing about our world today is how easy it is to bring someone from California to a Bible Study in Nepal. With simply your smartphone you can capture a 30 second video that puts someone right in the room where they can heart the singing and see the facial expressions. In other words, they get to experience from the comfort of their home the mission field you are engaging. This is a massively important tool for you to use. Here are a couple pointers to help you develop some ideas:

  • Instead of doing a monthly update letter why not shoot a 2-3 minute video and post it to YouTube or Vimeo?
  • Get in the habit of recording 10-15 second clips of events and daily life. Post these videos on social media as much as you can. I know in a lot of countries the internet is crazy slow and it might take an hour to upload a 30 second video but that is just the way it is. Invest the time because you will be blessing in the long run and people back home will be stirred up and engaged in your life and ministry.