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Testimony for SGWM / Craig Tippie & family
1994 I walked into a Calvary Chapel on a Sunday Evening and I was ready to hear the truth, that night I received Chris into my heart.  I was very fortunate to have many men in the church come along side of me, and to disciple me and guide me into this life changing adventure.  As I was serving in the youth department they asked me to help with a mission team to Peru in 1996.  This was the first mission trip I went on, and the Lord had a plan.  After going into the Andes Mountains, and the Amazon Rainforest reaching people for Christ, that was all it took.  The Lord began to speak to my heart on something more permanent. The next year I came back to Peru as a servant and a learner for foreign missions.  I stayed two years, and after the two years I knew it was time to be better equipped, so I headed off to Bible College in Marietta Hot Springs, CA.
After graduation, I went back to Peru to marry a young lady that was in the church where I was ministering to.  Daisy and I got married, and went the Bible College to go on staff or 5 ½ years. We had a wonderful son name Ryan, and he is truly a gift from the Lord.   We had a great time working with students and weekend retreaters, but we felt that the Lord had something else for us.  So we went back to the place where I met the Lord in Florida and began to seek the Lord for His plan and purpose in life.  We had been part of several short term mission trips, but in 2008 we went back to Peru and helped CC Downey and Pastor Marco start a new church in the center of an earthquake disaster zone.  After spending two weeks in Pisco, Peru the Lord was drawing both of us back into full time missions.  We decided to return to this area after 3 months just to see if it was the Lord or our emotions.  The Lord confirmed in our hearts that this is what He wanted for us as a family.  2009, we sold all of our stuff, sold our business, and packed up and went back to Peru.  We went back to CC Gracia and began to serve with Pastor Lucho Garcia and pray and see where the Lord wanted us exactly.
We started a bible study at the university in a small town north of Lima called Huacho.  After one year, we saw such a need to help people know Christ, and we knew that the Lord wanted to start something here through us.  On June 10th, 2010 we planned a gospel invasion on the city of Huacho and invited all the Calvary Chapel’s, SIM and SAM missionaries to come and assist in this week long campaign. We went into the university, the high schools, orphanage, and the main plazas doing mime, sharing testimonies and hosting concerts.  But what we did not realize was the most fruitful event was when we went into the skateboard park.  We had over 300 youth show up, and about 50 of them came to Christ that day.  We started our church with about 30 skateboarders and a few college students.  We had one idea, but the Lord had another.  Our church today after 3 ½ years is still full of young people, it has grown into a fellowship that has families that have come to the Lord, because their teenager got saved that day in the skate park.  We have several more families in the church and our focus in not just youth, but lost people in general.  Huacho is the capital of witchcraft in Peru, and we have great opposition and many spiritual battles over the souls of the people of Huacho.  “But if God is for us, who could be against us.”  Please pray for the ongoing work that the Lord has begun here in Peru.