2024 Spring & Summer Internship Opportunities!

March 14 to April 24, 2024 – Interns & Volunteers

We will be offering a spring internship for the first time here at Connections House. This is one of our busiest times of the year, as we have had up to three teams at once, serving at five or more ministry locations. This will look a little different from our normal summer internship. We will also be accepting volunteers that would like to serve on a weekly basis.

June 20 to August 19, 2024

If you are a young adult that feels called to full-time ministry or missions, or you just want to serve and deepen your relationship with your Lord and Savior, then this internship is for you!

This is a formal program that provides practical experience on the mission field. At Connections House, you’ll work alongside full-time missionaries, staff, and other interns. We provide lodging and meals for our teams, as well as full ministry planning and assistance. We set up all of our teams’ ministry so that they are connected with a local church and ready to hit the ground running when they arrive. Our teams serve in many areas, including but not limited to, children’s ministry (VBS), assisting orphanages and senior homes, serving at the local garbage dumps where people live and work, and construction projects. These construction projects range from repairs to helping with new building construction, and can be for churches, orphanages, feeding programs, or even individual families in need. Not only do we set everything up for our teams, we also serve out in the field with them. Our bigger teams split into 2-4 ministry sites each, and we often have more than one team at a time. We are also taking our interns on a mission trip to another state in Mexico this summer! See more details in the photo to the left.

Please note that all dates are subject to change as they are based on when our teams are here.

We will be accepting spring applications until February 1, 2024. Summer internship applications will be available December 1 – April 5, 2024. Please contact Kristy if you have any questions or request an application here.